Frosh-cessities: 18 things I learned from my first Halloweek

See? She's not wearing heels

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Halloweek flew by faster than Marnie and her grandma on a high-powered broom (see below). It was a long four days, but a sick four days — literally “sick,” as my voice was shot by the end of night one. Yet, it was without a doubt the most fun I’ve had at Brown thus far. As we say goodbye to October and all of its quiet (and not-so-quiet) graces — perfect weather, hellish midterms, a Red Sox win, an excuse to go out four nights in a row, campus protests, and another Fox News shoutout — I wanted to reflect upon what I learned over the past week. Halloweek, you were a hella-week, for sure. Here are 18 things I learned from my first Halloweek:

1. Make a schedule so that you can get shit done and not waste time stress-crying.

2. You always have more friends than you think. Or, everyone you’ve ever met is really nice when inebriated.

3. Naps on naps on naps (on naps).

4. The buddy system is everything.

5. If you can’t go out one of the nights for any particular reason, then don’t. FOMO fades with time (and a good night’s sleep). A little sleeping never hurt nobody.

6. Whiskey is worth it. Arriving as early as everyone tells you to (A.K.A. in time for dinner with your fav bouncers) is probably not.

7. Planning ahead is annoying but probably worth it.

8. SPG is an the experience. Can’t elaborate much more than that.

9. Creative/effortful costumes are always better than slutty costumes. (But if both can be accomplished…)

10. Halloween drama is nonexistent in college. This is a beautiful thing.

11. When you are not in costume, wear pajamas.

12. (Campus)Lifehacker alert: tape your room key underneath the toilet paper dispenser before you leave for the night. You will thank yourself when half of your friends are calling DPS to let them in at 3 a.m.

13. In addition, the probability of losing life essentials such as phone, wallet, ID, keys, etc. increases by approximately 1000%.

14. Heels are never worth it, no matter how cute you think you look.

15. Spoken from a witness’ perspective: the walk of shame is more shameful than usual.

16. Avoid police/club security interaction. My best friend got accidentally taser-ed in the head. It hurt.

17. Muploading all of the week’s photos at once is definitely the move.

18. Remember that just because it’s Halloweek doesn’t mean your poor choices will be automatically corrected or forgiven. As corny as it sounds, a costume never hides who you are the other 52 weeks in the year. But, obviously, still go buck wild.

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