SPRING2014: Course Superlatives


Pre-registration has officially begun, meaning we have all been (or should be) spending a good amount of quality time with Banner. While we at Blog cannot provide you with your advising PIN or any desperately needed overrides, we can give you the reassurance you need while freaking out about what classes to take and what to do with your life: Don’t worry about that stuff, focus on how hilarious all the course titles are! It’s time for another round of excellently researched course superlatives…

Most punny
ANTH0500: Past Forward: Discovering Anthropological Archaeology

Most doable
COLT1813M: Making a list

Most awesome end-product
CSCI1480: Building Intelligent Robots

Best for sharing feelings
ENGL1560W: Getting Emotional: Passionate Theories

Most fun to say
GRMN0600B: Was ist Deutsch?

Best for oragnic/’local’ shoppers & eaters
ENVS1555: Urban Agriculture: The Importance of Localized Food Systems

Most sounds-simple-but-is-2000-level
HIAA2550C: Color

Best for finding yourself
SOC0300D: Who am I?
HMAN2970B: And What About the Human?

Most likely to make you a little crazy
PHIL0250: The Meaning of Life

Best for those already a bit crazy
COLT0811N: Poetics of Madness: Aspects of Literary Insanity

Most pornographic
MCM1202U: Sex and Sexuality in American Film (as opposed to this semester’s Peverse Cinema…)

Most difficult to convince parents to spend tuition on
TAPS0930E: Explorations in Clown and Physical Play
MUSC0661: Sacred Harp/Shape-Note Singing

Best for UFO believers
PHYS0112: Alien Worlds: The Search for Extra-Solar Planets and Extraterrestrial Life

Most corporate
ECON1720: Corporate Finance

Most repetitive
CLPS1590: Visualizing Vision

Most shameless school self-promotion
ARCH1764: 25 Things! 250 Years of Brown’s Material Past
(Ed.-This totally looks like a BergeMash class)

Of course, it would be impossible for this list to include every exciting/though-provoking/ridiculous course offering on Banner, so enjoy your exploring.

And enjoy how Banner assumes you have yet to be admitted to Brown whenever you logout:

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 2.45.57 AM

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