A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: ‘The Graduate’ Screening


Are you the type of person who’s more interested in sitting back and watching a movie than you are with all the tedium and effort involved in actually producing and screening them (i.e most people)? Despite the prevalence of film-loving types on campus, made apparent by well-known student groups such as Ivy Film Festival and Brown TV, screenings of classics or particular genre favorites are often difficult to come by. Enter the Brown University Film Forum (BUFF), an organization formed by a group of students who, according to co-founder Beatrix Chu ’15, were “surprised by the lack of regular, popular film screenings for students on campus.” Along with weekly screenings, the organization also hopes to incorporate discussions for the kind of people who like to talk about their movies after they watch them (i.e most university students).

BUFF will be screening of The Graduate this Thursday, November 7 at 9 p.m. in the Metcalf Auditorium.Whether you’re a newbie to the film scene, a seasoned movie aficionado, or merely a senior looking for reassurance that finding satisfaction after graduation is as simple as engaging in affairs with married women, stop by BUFF’s event and experience a 60’s classic.

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