Secret Study Space: Vol. VI

With tests and exams raining down on Brown students and the finals looming in the distant(?) future, it’s time to find a new study space. Allow me to present Volume VI of our secret study space series: This hidden corner of campus is perfect for getting some work done without any disturbance or the incessant noise of traffic. The two armchairs are large and comfortable, the lighting is adequate and a set of windows opposite allows sunlight to filter through. The round table is large enough to hold most of your books and laptop. Hidden behind the chairs are two power outlets. And as is evident from the picture, there is a door right next to this academic hideout. So when you finally finish studying, you can escape immediately (just watch your step)!

And where is this study haven? Well, I can’t tell you but a small hint to aid you with the detective work — it’s near the Main Green.

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