#whatshouldwecallme: Whiskey Republic edition


Since the beloved Fish Company (FishCo) closed its doors and The Whiskey Republic took its place, there seems to be confusion surrounding the latter’s nomenclature. Compared to FishCo, “The Whiskey Republic” seems like a mouthful—naturally, we want to give it a nickname. Should it resemble that of its predecessor (i.e. Wishco)? Should it kind of resemble the name of its predecessor (i.e. Whisco or Wisco)? Or should its new identity actually stem from its longer name (i.e. Whiskey or Whisko)? It seems freshmen and seniors alike can’t get their shit together when it comes to rallying their friends to head Southeast, and before they know it, The Whiskey Republic becomes a place of a million nicknames. Even BlogDH’s staff—composed of students from all grades and all walks of campus life—can’t agree on a name for the establishment down on South Water Street. The Herald seems convinced that its choice “WhisCo” is the right one, as evidenced in its recent feature on The Whiskey Republic. But on the whole, the jury still seems to be out.

Let’s end the debate once and for all; enter #whatshouldwecallme: Whiskey Republic edition. We hash out the pros and cons of each nickname after the jump. After reading what we have to say, let us know what you think and vote in our poll.

Pros: Most closely resembles the FishCo glory days; makes freshmen feel like cool, knowledgeable upperclassmen; it’s rare that you find a bar with such a whimsical name (i.e. “Wish”), which makes it seem like that much more of a Brown tradition.
Cons: W is the only letter that’s similar in “Whiskey”; begs the following questions: are we not giving Whiskey its opportunity to shine? Are members of the post-FishCo generation nostalgic for something they didn’t even know to begin with?

Pros: Moving more toward the name “Whiskey” with that extra “h”; still invokes the FishCo era by including the “Co”; fun to say, because it’s not really a word (resembles a lot of those nonsensical names we give to things around campus, like “the Ratty” or “Smitty B”).
Cons: Still not a company. It’s a republic.

Pros: None, really.
Cons: As much as we dream of being a Big 10 school, we do not attend the University of Wisconsin.

Pros: Almost there! but still maintains that nickname-y “o” sound we loved about FishCo; it’s a real nickname, not just a half-assed severing of the bar’s full name.
Cons: Aren’t we creative enough to think of a more original vowel to take the place of the “ey?”

Pros: You can reference the bar with a greater certainty that people will know what you’re talking about; no debate about how to spell the word “whiskey” as opposed to the Whisko/Whisco/Wisco problem; it’s the most universally accepted phrasing—you can say it as a freshman and not sound like you’re trying to be an upperclassman, and you can say it as a senior without mourning the loss of the FishCo era.
Cons: Seems kind of lazy.

The Whiskey Republic: no.

Now that we’ve provided you with all the facts, it’s time to make that decision. Seriously, it’s time. Know that the way you answer this question will forever change the The Whiskey Republic’s place within the Brown lexicon.

Which nickname should we give to The Whiskey Republic?

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