Student group spotlight: Fashion at Brown (F@B)

Ever wonder why it seems like all the fashionistas hang out together? No, they’re not all just lost RISD students. It’s because students interested in fashion are coming together through their involvement in Fashion at Brown (aka F@B). According to its mission statement, F@B “is dedicated to bringing a fashion outlet to Brown students interested in all different aspects of the fashion world.” Aside from being the primary fashion outlet on campus—and, more generally, from making the campus a better-looking place—F@B  promotes local businesses and student artists. In case there’s a little Andrea Sachs post-new-Chanel-boots hidden inside of you, F@B is the best place to relish in style.

Opposite its Fashion Week in the spring, the group typically has a photo shoot in the fall to celebrate art and clothes. This year it took its shoots to a whole new level by shooting in the The Steel Yard. The local space usually serves as a place for metal working classes and workshops, music festivals, and at-risk youth programs, but in the hands of F@B, it became a unique ground for snapping chic looks. (See a video of the shoot after the jump.)

Its models don threads from the best local stops. F@B’s marketing coordinator focuses on Providence establishments and got in contact with two local shops to provide the looks. The first, Communal General Store, is a new shop located on Hope and Wickenden. It lent the group vintage pieces for the photos (look out for the green wool pants!). The store can be seen in one of F@B’s “Spotlight Sundays” videos. The Vault served as the other, more elusive, lender. The store is a secret “vintage coop,” which only opens once a month to invited members on their mailing list (sign up here).

Models Sydney Morrison ’16, Chloe Kibble ’17, Inga Holmadahl ’14, and Aidan Dunbar ’16 were shot by three photographers (Mathew Kelley ’14, Danielle Perelman ’17, and Giri Suarsana ’15). Grace Adler ’16 and Lindsey Hassinger ’16 did these models’ hair and makeup.

If you’re finding that F@B is calling your name, there are several ways to learn more. Its next event is an Alumni in Fashion panel with CareerLAB. It’s taking place today, Wednesday, November 20th. Panelists include the very fashionable Alexander Bolen ’90 (CEO of Oscar de la Renta) and Nicholas Picchione ’86 (Vice President of Polo/Ralph Lauren).

Then, on December 4th, there will be a Clothing Swap in collaboration with a Brown start-up Bib+Tuck, which has been featured in Vogue, Elle, BULLETT, and more. The site allows you to sell your closet as well as shop from those of others. This event will be in the Englander Studio from 5-7 p.m.

Stay tuned for more fashion-centric events from F@B, including its Fashion Week in the spring. You probably could learn a thing or two from their looks. Check out a selection of photos from the shoot below, and find more pictures from the shoot on F@B’s Facebook page.





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