Vote for a short film in IFF’s 48-Hour Film Competition

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Somehow, this weekend, a bunch of student filmmakers from across the country managed to write, film, and edit some short films in 48 hours for the Ivy Film Festival’s 48-Hour Film Competition.

Filmmakers were given a prompt and had between 8 p.m. on Friday and 8 p.m. on Sunday to cook up a short film. It is with great admiration that IFF and BlogDH are announcing two things: 1. the submissions are up (and included below), and 2. you can now vote for a film that tickles your fancy (or your mind, heart and soul). Voting will be open until Saturday.

Check out a brief list of the submissions and a little bit about each film:


A documentarian tells a story about “love,” “loss,” “life itself,” and an attempt to woo women through various personas.

The Miserable Mermaid:

Will this thirsty mermaid find true love on land? Or is she destined for a lifetime of snarky questions about her tail?


One mediocre psychic tries to keep his premonition from coming true. But meddling can make things worse, even if you do have ESP.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond:

What happens when you go to sleep in your bed and wake up in your bathtub? This is one man’s quest for the answers.


In a world where technology can no longer come to the rescue, three friends attempt to navigate the challenge of ordering take out.

Fortunes for Kids:

This movie brings a whole new kind of psychic to Thayer Street. One that can only read the future for those 21 and under.

You can vote for a submission by clicking here

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