A guide to Thanksgiving for International students


“I can’t wait to go home,” seems to be the constant refrain of Brown students as Thanksgiving draws nearer and nearer. However, some of us will have to wait longer before going back home. I am of course talking about the wonderful International student body at Brown.

As some of us come from across several seas and timezones, going back home over Thanksgiving isn’t always possible. But five days of vacation can still be put to good use. What follows is a list of things to do over the Thanksgiving break so Internationals can celebrate in their own way, without feeling left out.

  1. Visit your relatives living nearby. Your home away from home. If you have relatives living nearby, be sure to visit them over Thanksgiving. Not only will you get to eat “home food” again, but you can also practice speaking your native language again, which probably will have gotten a bit rusty with all these months abroad.
  2. Meet up with your high school friends. If you have any friends from your high school studying in universities nearby, choose a common city to rendezvous (Boston or NYC seem to be favorites) and spend some days catching up. Just don’t get into a “my college is better” argument—that just makes the conversation acrimonious (and since you’ll probably ignore this sage advice and get into that argument anyway, don’t forget to play Brown’s happiness card)
  3.  Stay on campus. With the Ratty staying open over Thanksgiving, staying back on campus won’t at least mean death by starvation. Further there will probably be no line at the omelette bar (little victory!). You can spend the whole day lying in bed, or listening to your favorite music, or catching up on missed TV shows. Basically anything but work. And since there will always be some people staying behind, you’ll get to spend some quality time with your unit mates who too chose to stay behind.
  4. Call back home. Of course Thanksgiving is meant to be spent with your family, but if you can’t be there physically, be sure to Skype/call back home to say hi. Also use this time to dictate your food wishlist for when your return home in the winter, your parents, who are probably missing you by now, will be only too happy to agree. 

This list is of course not definitive, the important thing is just to have fun over these five days of recess. When we get back the finals will be looming, but for now just look forward to having a relaxing Thanksgiving, you’ve truly earned it.

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