Thanksgivin’ all over the world: Juniors celebrate Turkey Day abroad


Hours before you witnessed your mom’s pre-dinner panic, got drunk off mulled wine with Grandma, and sat down for mashed potatoes and stuffing, juniors studying abroad this semester had the unique opportunity to engage in the Turkey Day festivities in different countries (and time zones) around the world. Although unconventional, these Thanksgiving celebrations proved to be a reminder of these students’ national pride as they were able to take this slice of Americana with them and share it with both old and new friends. Check out how your peers celebrated Thanksgiving abroad! It’s like the Ludacris song, but with Thanksgiving. 

Dan Larson ’15
Berlin, Germany:

dan thanksgiving

Far right: Dan Larson ’15

For Thanksgiving I traveled from Berlin to Dubrovnik, Croatia with three friends from my program (two from Duke, one from Davidson). Dubrovnik is a gorgeous port town in Southern Croatia, and is the city where Game of Thrones is filmed. Because it’s a summer spot, the whole city is a ghost town in November. We found a great restaurant and had the whole place to ourself, thankful for fresh fish, excellent travels, and new friends.

Anna Giorgi ’15
Bologna, Italy:

Top row, center: Alison Silver '15, Anna Giorgi '15

Top row, center: Alison Silver ’15, Anna Giorgi ’15

Every Thanksgiving Brown in Bologna hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for all of the students, faculty, and friends of the program. This year the feast was at Ristorante Belle Arti. We started our meal with bruschetta and pizza and ended with a giant turkey and roasted potatoes. Although it was a little unconventional, it was a lot of fun!

Sophia Sepulveda ’15
Amman, Jordan:

Far right: Sophia Sepulveda '15

Far right: Sophia Sepulveda ’15

Rafael Contreras, Abby Linn, Simon de Jesus Rodrigues and I celebrated Thanksgiving this year in Amman, Jordan with the Middlebury language program. Every student brought a dish and after we ate, we gave thanks in Arabic. Despite the oddity of it being 85 degrees outside and thousands of miles away from home, we were still able to have a great عيد الشكر!

Tanner Larson ’15
Copenhagen Denmark:


I celebrated this Thanksgiving in Copenhagen, Denmark with friends from my program (one from Bowdoin, two from Skidmore). Despite getting a late start, we managed to piece together a delicious feast with all the essentials. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad and of course apple pie.  We even managed to find American Sam Adams beers to drink while we watched the football games!  A true celebration indeed.

Sean Simonson ’15
Barcelona, Spain:

Sean Simonson '15 (6th from left, top row) and friends

Sean Simonson ’15 (6th from left, top row) and friends

¡Bien dia de acción de gracias!
Juniors Sean Simonson, Ellia Higuchi, Carolina Galindo, Bella Gonzalez, Raven Gomez, Shane Grannum, Kat DaSilva (not pictured) and Hallee Foster (also not pictured) joined some of the other CASB students for a Thanksgiving potluck, complete with half Thanksgiving, half Christmas decorations. The homemade mashed potatoes, turkey, and gravy filled their stomachs to the bursting point. As did the ever flowing wine.

William Underwood ’15
Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Thanksgiving with Lanier [Olsson ’15] in Amsterdam! [Ed.—Wunderwood is a busy man and couldn’t be reached for further details about his Thanksgiving feast.]

Alon Sacks ’15
Cape Town, South Africa:

Right: Alon Sacks '15

Right: Alon Sacks ’15

This Thanksgivukkah I had much to be thankful for. After an amazing semester in Cape Town I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling throughout Africa with a few new friends I met during the year. We did some Thanksgivukkah recon the day before and discovered the difficulty of attaining a turkey in Zanzibar. Instead, we decided to go with the more historically accurate food of the pilgrim—tuna, the turkey of the sea. We bought a 3kg tuna from a fisherman at the morning market for 10000 tshilings (about $6 USD), cooked it with a local chef, feasted, and shared thanks.

Georgia Tollin ’15 and Jamie Temko ’15
Copenhagen, Denmark:

Second from left and fourth from left: Georgia Tollin '15, Jamie Temko '15

Second from left and fourth from left: Georgia Tollin ’15, Jamie Temko ’15

Georgia: My Turkey Day celebration in Copenhagen resembled nothing like my typical Thanksgiving in America, however I found that the most important aspect remained true: I was surrounded by great company. Though there was no turkey or pumpkin pie to be had, Jamie Temko ’15, her father, and eight other members of my “abroad family” and I enjoyed a celebratory—albeit untraditional—meal of mussels, grilled salmon, and creme brulee. Despite being thousands of miles away from my family gathered around the table in California, I found myself giving thanks for the new family I’ve gained while being abroad, and looking forward to returning to my Brown family as well.

Jamie: This Thanksgiving, I shared an unconventional meal with friends and family. My dad was visiting at the time, so he took some of my friends out to dinner. Sadly, turkey is a foreign concept in Danish restaurants, so instead we opted for burgers and salmon. Though we couldn’t eat the typical feast, we enjoyed each other’s company, shared things we are thankful for and I spent Friday morning salivating over Instagram pictures of pumpkin pie, stuffing, cranberry sauce and turkey! It was a very hyggeligt (cozy) night spent in great company! 

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