Live simulcast of Bill Nye’s talk tonight in Salomon 001


Everybody loves Bill Nye. Well, not everybody, but at least we can agree that he has a lovable TV personality. His show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, aired from 1993 to 1998 on Disney and PBS, and enlightened a generation of children—and adults, perhaps—to love and appreciate science.

So it was not a surprise when just a few weeks ago, news of his visit to campus—scheduled for tonight at 7 in the Salomon Auditorium—erupted, as well as a fair dose of rapture among the student body. So fair was this dose that online tickets for the event sold out in seconds each of the first two days, and the remaining tickets were distributed in a lottery. One student is even reported to have said, “I would redo each and every one of my poor life decisions for the certainty of getting a ticket.”

Good news, student, and anyone else who wasn’t able to secure a ticket: you don’t have to redo your poor life decisions. Instead, you can watch Bill’s talk live on screen (“simulcast”) in Salomon 001. Students waiting in the stand-by line tonight who don’t get their numbers called will have the opportunity to go downstairs and have the eerie knowledge that the Science Guy is just above them, delivering his words of wisdom (and science).

Be sure to head over to Salomon before 6:45 tonight! Who knows, there may be a seat available for you, especially if you come early, and if not, there should be one downstairs. I’m sure that with all of our upcoming exams and whatnot, we could all use some Bill Nye in our lives.

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