12 Days of Flogmas, Day Two: Cold weather behaviour

unnamedUnfortunately, December 1st has come and gone, which means two things: 1) the semester is ending soon, and everyone is entering finals mode, and 2) winter is coming winter has officially begun.

To be clear, winter weather has been present for some time, but now calendar-wise there’s no space to claim it’s still ‘fall’ and go about wearing shorts. There’s something about college— the lack of mothers around, probably—that makes people think it’s okay to wear flip-flops in 30 degree weather. It’s not. And we’re going to call you out on it (and other things that are no longer acceptable now that the temperature has dropped.) Here’s a FlogDailyHerald for all you cold weather fiends:

1. Shorts. Unless you’re going to the gym, are coming back from the gym, or are some sort of yeti, there is no reason to be walking around campus barelegged. (Also, I sort of think it’s not even that okay to wear shorts outside for gym-reasons; just change when you get there…) In the same vein, the female-presenting folk that walk around in shorts/skirts without tights: what are you trying to PROVE? Goosebumps flatter no one.

2. Open-toed shoes/shoes that don’t require socks. We love sandals as much as the next sartorially conscious phe, but spring/summer have come and gone. Let’s close that chapter until March April May. We promise that allowing your toes to bask in sunshine will be much more satisfying when they’re no risk for frostbite. [Insert joke about getting cold feet about your planned outfit here. Ha!] 

3. Iced drinks. How are Frappuccinos not seasonal drinks? They are definitely not to be enjoyed on the frigid walk through the wind tunnel of death that is the SciLi. Rule of thumb: if you need a straw to consume your coffee, we will give you the stink eye. Exception: when coffee shops are weirdly overheated, and you get sweaty in your big coat waiting in the line to order your hot coffee, and end up asking for an iced one to stay, please.

4.  “It’s not that cold.” Right, and now you made me feel ridiculous in my Michelin-man North Face  jacket and wool scarf and hat.

5. Not wearing a jacket. Shout-out to the people who think that long sleeves = warmly dressed: it’s not, and I’m cold just looking at you. Here are things that don’t count as jackets: flannel shirts, oversized flannel shirts, cardigans, oversized cardigans…

6. Congregating at the tables on Faunce terrace. There’s something about the Faunce steps that makes people think they look cool if they’re just chilling there, like some sort of childhood Stoop Kid-inspired fantasy. And when it’s nice out, it’s genuinely enjoyable: optimal sun exposure, optimal location for people-watching running into people, optimal closeness to the Blue Room. But now that temperatures are below 40, the steps are a lot less glamourous, the terrace a lot less desirable. The tables and chairs are frigid, and somehow there’s a wind tunnel.

7. Being positive. Just kidding. But there is something kind of special about when a really bad winter day during finals week puts everyone on campus in a mutually shitty mood, right? It’s that whole misery loves company idea. Example A: BlogDailyHerald’s 12 Days of Flog…


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