12 Days of Flogmas, Day Four: Blue Room booth-hoggers

Santa Bear Flogmas Booth

This time of year is hard for everybody. Some are drowning in work, others are stressed about jobs; some are worried about getting through their holiday gift lists in time, others are worried about surviving the winter weather. We get it: everybody has something. And we all have different ways of coping with it. But one thing is unforgivable; one thing, we will not let you get away with: hogging up the precious sitting area that is a Blue Room booth.

The Blue Room is the epicenter of campus. It’s ideal for meeting up with people, for carbo-loading before a long night at the Rock, and for running into people you have been avoiding haven’t seen all semester. But somewhere between the social butterflies and the enticing aroma of muffins, people forget basic etiquette. I could go on about messy tables, huge crowds around a four-seat table, and the 4 p.m. dinner rush—but I’m fighting a different battle. 

Let’s say you’re having a suite dinner, or a group meeting, or a group gossip session with your friends. You’re hoping to discuss all pressing topics over some warm chocolate chip cookies (as all good conversations should). You grab your cookies, use up your points, and arrive to the dining area only to find all six booths occupied. It’s probably just a busy time, you think, others probably had the same idea you did! Oh, you kindred spirit. When you walk across the corner to survey the area, you notice that all booths are occupied by. a. single. person. Six booths, six people. Plenty of empty tables open, but all the single phes decided to treat themselves to the cushiony seating area meant for four people. Cool. 

Listen, I get it: the lush, synthetic covers and the spacious tabletop is ideal for study benders. But these booths are designed for groups, and I would argue against single occupants. The evidence:

  1. Outlets every other booth, so that you have to jump over your seat into the next booth to charge your laptop. Because you’re not meant to spend all five hours of your battery life sitting in that booth by yourself.
  2. Long, narrow benches that keep you hidden from view when you sit against the wall. This means people have to walk up to the booth to see if it’s empty. It’s awkward for everyone involved.
  3. It’s a four-person booth. It’s meant for four people. End of argument.

Study spaces are sacred this time of year. You want comfort, access to caffeine, and the ability to stay there for hours, all in one neat little package. We at BlogDH love study spaces, but we know that the best study spaces are secret: they are secluded, hard to find, and don’t inconvenience the group of four that can’t find a place to sit in the Blue Room because a singular person decided to mark their booth territory.

Times when it’s appropriate to sit in a booth by yourself:

  1. NEVER.
  2. Before the Blue Room opens. Alternatively, when the sun hasn’t risen.
  3. Way after the Blue Room closes. When people are done eating, groups are done meeting, and there’s no one that needs the space.

So to all of you individuals strongly dedicated to making me angry solitary booth occupation, here is my humble suggestion: buddy up with others of your kin. That way, all of you lone wolves can have the booth space without inconveniencing anyone, but still be “by yourself” in the sense that you’re sitting with strangers and might not want to talk to them! Otherwise, the spiteful stares and passive-aggressive “Is anyone sitting here?”s will continue, with a VENGEANCE.

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