Secret Study Space: Vol VII.


It is that dreaded time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about the winter, though that’s pretty awful too. I meant it’s finals period. The time of exams, papers and projects worth a gargantuan portion of your grade. While you might be sleep deprived or stressed (or most probably both), I have some good news for you — a new secret study space. This study space might at first look like a futuristic hermit cell. “That seems extremely uncomfortable,” you might think. You’re right, it is a bit cramped in there. However, the distinct advantage of this austere design is that you will never fall asleep while studying. Further, a small personal lamp has been provided to ensure that there’s enough light. There are also several power outlets, something which can’t be said of other spots on campus. Finally this study spot is a bit far from campus, though still within walking distance, an optimum combination that ensures you can get there, but the crowds probably won’t.

As for this academic nook’s location, let me give you a hint: the (ahem) design is rather radical isn’t it?

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