Web Civ: Rebecca Black’s triumphant return

Whether you were kickin’ in the front seat or sittin’ in the backseat, I’m sure you remember exactly where you were when Rebecca Black’s “Friday” became the song of the decade week back in 2011. But in her iconic song, Rebecca leaves us with a cliffhanger: “Today i-is Friday… Tomorrow is Saturday.” If you’ve spent every day for the past two and a half years wondering what her Saturday was like, as I have, the suspense is finally over: Rebecca released her new music video, “Saturday,” on Saturday, December 7th. It has racked up 12 million views in three days, and it’s every bit as fun, fun, fun, fun as I could have imagined.

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The song begins with Rebecca singing, “Trying to get Friday out of my head”—which is definitely not what we’ve all been doing for the past few years. After waking up, she admits that “It’s all so hazy / Got a little too crazy,”  which I could have guessed after all that “Partyin’, Partyin’, Yeah!” that she did on Friday. Rebecca once again starts her day eating cereal, and her cereal bowl knows her too well: “gotta have my bowl” is written on it. She’s really gotta have it, guys. (I wonder what other kinds of bowls she’s gotta have, based on what seems to be going on in this video?)


She spends the rest of the day hanging on the beach and doing the dolphin-hand-wave thing with her friends.

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Just to be clear, during all of this, Rebecca is SO EXCITED. She was SO EXCITED on Friday that she sung about it, and now she’s still SO EXCITED on Saturday that she wrote SO EXCITED in big letters in the sand. Rebecca, we just want you to know that we are SO EXCITED for you too.

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Rebecca’s party on Saturday night looks pretty much like your typical high school party. You’ve got your karaoke, your silly string, your baby rhinoceros, your—hold up. Thanks Rebecca, now my Saturday nights aren’t going to feel complete unless I’m riding a baby rhino. It also looks like someone is trying to feed the rhino a beer; I’m pretty sure that’s not kosher.

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While Rebecca grew up between Friday and Saturday, so did our other favorite young pop star, Miley Cyrus. Miley makes an appearance in the video as what she would have looked like if she were a ginger and had peaked three years earlier (if that’s even possible). Her wannabe sticks out her tongue and twerks in the middle of the party, just like the Miley we all know and love.

Miley seems to have inspired Rebecca even beyond her tightie whitie two-piece (which, by the way, I don’t think is a very appropriate outfit for a high school party). Some of the lyrics of “Saturday” are reminiscent of Miley’s recent hit, “We Can’t Stop.” Rebecca sings, “This is our song / We can do no wrong,” following Miley’s “Doing whatever we want / This is our house.” So kids, take it from Rebecca and Miley: take over your parents’ house, party all night, and f*ck shit up like there’s no tomorrow.

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Speaking of tomorrow, Rebecca’s friends seem to have just as much trouble figuring out the day of the week as they did on Friday. Luckily, Rebecca swoops in to save the day in the last verse of the song: “Yesterday was Friday, today is Saturday.” Unfortunately, she doesn’t make it past that, so I’ll probably never know what comes after Saturday.

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As much as Rebecca is a self-made woman, “Saturday” is co-produced by another YouTube star, Dave Days. He is featured in the video, at one point losing his pants. We feel you, Dave. And we have to say, Dave’s singing beats Patrice Wilson’s rapping any day of the week. There is also a very questionable shout-out to Patrice (the producer of “Friday”) at the end of the video, but I’m going to leave that to you all to deconstruct.

Overall, “Saturday” isn’t quite as catchy as it’s day-earlier counterpart, probably because it lacks “Friday”‘s repeated chants and nonsensical rhymes. But Rebecca manages to poke fun at her last video, while making just as ridiculous a video this time around. Her voice is definitely less annoying than it was three years ago, so I can’t wait to jam out to “Saturday” at a college party that definitely won’t be as fun as Rebecca’s high school party.

Lastly, I’d like to point out that, while Rebecca is a mature 16-year-old now, there are some illicit activities going on in this video that she’s definitely still not old enough for. Red solo cups, Rebecca? And sparklers, and gambling? I’m pretty sure by the time you’re old enough for those, it will be Sunday. And you know we all can’t wait for that.

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