An open love letter to you, the newfound study space

If this compromises her location, I swear...

If this compromises her location, I swear…

I’ve recently entered a relationship, or a love affair, rather, that has gotten pretty serious. When I wake up, I think of seeing her (sometimes with disdain). I have the urge to just go see her and get in the zone for a couple hours. As I approach the place I know she will always reside, my heart races with excitement, also frightened at the possibility of her having no interest in me, but not by choice. I am tormented when I walk by and see another paramour spending the quality time with her that I know I would enjoy more. I feel cheated. I am talking, of course, of my newfound love for my favorite study space. Oh yes, it’s finals season.

I’ve never been one for relationships with the library. It used to pain me to trek to the SciLi in the winter to work on that problem set or reading assignment. I’d rather hang out on my bed and do my work than hunker down in the stacks. All that changed, however, when I found, well, let’s call her Settia (I found a fake poinsettia there today so it seems fitting) to protect her identity and my ability to access the space. Her light-colored, upbeat wood, the enticing silence surrounding her, her refined, curvy accompanying chair. Oh man, she’s perfect. When I’m with her, it’s just me, her, and my War and Politics books. Romantic, huh?

I woke up on the first day of reading period excited to get down to it. I got dressed to fare the weather, got some coffee, and headed to meet her. I entered the building, then the elevator, and watched the numbers denoting the floors slowly creep up. As I arrived at my destination, I see numerous people in her vicinity. It worries me. I round a corner to see her there, faithfully waiting for our work session to begin. And boy is it wonderful, nay, riveting. I was there for hours, constantly securing the spot like Smaug guarding gold, fearing that one move away from her would leave her wide open for the taking. I would be heart broken.

The next day I stopped by to say a brief “hello,” maybe stay for a while. I’m really still trying to play it cool. As I approached her, I realized she was taken. The hours we had spent together before were meaningless. Even worse, she was taken by someone I know. How could they do this to me? Don’t they know how much she means to me? Well, I guess not, seeing as the nature of our relationship is one of secrecy. Why would I divulge the information of your location that could make our relations more threatened? If I told people would they not stop by to visit you more often? The devastation is overwhelming.

Folks, if you find the one you click with; the one you truly feel comfortable with; the one who makes you work more efficiently, don’t let it go. Hold on to your secret study space. Don’t let yourself be tempted to divulge its whereabouts. Who knows if your love will last, but at least for now it’s all you’ve got. Get to it early, spend time with it, make it yours. Good luck with finals.

Image via Tomas Navia. 

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