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If you consider a three hour drive away “in your backyard”, this year’s Super Bowl is in your backyard.

Early February is always a very exciting time for Americans. Sorry Obama, it’s not because of the State of the Union — it’s  Super Bowl Sunday. This year, the NFL’s number one ranked defense, the Seattle Seahawks, will be going against the league’s top offense, the Denver Broncos ( led by advertisement superstar and not half bad quarterback Peyton Manning).

Every year more money is spent on advertising for the commercial breaks, and this year’s half time show features The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars. The event appeals to a wide range of people, including those that don’t care about who wins and are just rooting for Budweiser. All of this is to say for the football newbies: not only is the Super Bowl a huge fucking deal, but it is also engineered for TV viewers.

But wait, you’re a college student, so you don’t have cable! Actually, chances are you don’t even have a television set. Not to fear, for we will present you with a selection of options to make viewing the Super Bowl doable and fun this year. Cue this song:

On a laptop, via ethernet: Aimed at the two extremes, this method is either for the ultimate purist or the “not-even-a-football-fan” type. The purists don’t care that the screen is tiny; they just want to watch the game. In fact, the fewer people around to break their concentration, the better.  (Note: it’s also easier to rock your lucky underpants alone in your room.) On the other side are those who are just vaguely curious enough to plug in to the live stream during homework breaks. After all, you can’t resist seeing what all of the Facebook fuss is about.

In a dorm room, on a small-to-moderate sized TV: Watching the game with friends will make cheering for your preferred team more enjoyable, and it will probably give you access to more “free” food (if you are the bringer of snacks, be prepared to share). On the downside, dorms rarely acquire the right number of people for watching such a monumental event. You either have enough people that it’s too crowded, or it’s eerily empty and everyone is trying to go to the next biggest thing.  In addition, there’s approximately a 65% chance that someone in the room will order in from Wings and Things.

Alternatively: You can try to find the remote for one of the fancier lounges in dorms like Keeney. Allot yourself a good two hours beforehand because technology is confusing.

At a program house: You usually will have the option to hit up one of your frattier friends and crash their more organized viewing party. There will be junk food, a bunch of beer, and too many people to truly feel comfortable – but it might be worth it for the rowdy atmosphere. You could also try seeking out some of the more alternative options on Wriston Quad. A Super Bowl event at Buxton is certainly an intriguing prospect (someone let us know if they screen a football soccer game instead).

The Leung Gallery: No, we’re not kidding. Apparently, the Leung Gallery whips out a huge screen and people can watch the game there. One of our more risqué bloggers even attended her freshman year. We aren’t quite sure how this works, but we do know that the seating will be very cushy! Anyone down for the quietest Super Bowl party ever? We dare you to cheer.

This is what the gallery looks like when it's a prison of deafening silence.  Creepy...

This is what the gallery looks like when it’s not a prison of deafening silence. Creepy…

Spats: The Thayer Street standard. With pitchers of beer as far as the eye can see, Spats is sure to garner a huge crowd of Brown students and Providence locals alike. Enter at your own risk.

Baja’s: We bet that at least one of the wall mounted monitors at Baja’s will be showing the Super Bowl Sunday night. It might be an odd experience, and you will probably have trouble hearing the announcers over the music they constantly blast. However, really good burritos and the company of their very cool employees may very well compensate for that.

Lastly: You can drive to New York Giants Stadium and scalp a ticket for thousands of dollars. For the rest of your life you get to say that you went to Super Bowl XLVIII. An option almost worth it for many of us — good luck with this to all of you dreamers.

See you on the 2nd.

See you on the 2nd.

Be sure to tune in Sunday night to watch the game, because all signs are pointing to it being a really a good one. Plus, you don’t want to miss watching Richard Sherman live.

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