Sixth Man: Winter Sports Recap

All is right with the world again: people are finally back on campus, classes have resumed, Gail is once again greeting us in the Ratty, and Sixth Man is back. As you get settled into your routine, don’t forget to check out some of the winter season sports that Brown has to offer. Whether it’s track and field, basketball, hockey, or even fencing, we’re sure that whatever you’re into, you can find some entertainment. Even though we know everyone has been keeping up with what’s been happening in the Bruno sports world over winter break (I mean, who hasn’t been following squash?), we decided to give a recap of some of our favorite winter sports teams.



Yes, there are in fact gymnastics competitions outside of the Olympics. Are they as interesting? No comment. The Brown gymnastics team has been competing since the middle of January, finishing second out of four teams in their last two meets. If you’re expecting to see some of the same tricks that you saw in London last summer then you might be disappointed, but it’s not every day that you get to see someone hurl themselves off of a balance beam and not fail miserably.



You know what they say about Brown basketball, right? That we’re the Duke of the Northeast? Ok, maybe no one has ever said that, but it’s fun to pretend. Even though we may not be considered a basketball powerhouse in the traditional sense, the Bears have gotten off to a great start in the conference. A 3-game win streak has put Bruno just behind first-place Harvard for the Ivy League lead. A tough road game looms on Friday at Harvard, but a weaker Dartmouth and Princeton are soon after.



This break, the fencing team has been skewering their opponents. In their last battle, fight, competition, whatever it’s called, they finished with a flawless record of 5-0. If you want to see some non-stop action, don’t miss the Ivy League Championship this weekend. Thankfully, Brown is hosting, so cancel your dinner reservations at Medieval Times because you can get some sword fighting action for free at the OMAC. (Bonus pro tip—having recently witnessed fencing for the first time, I can safely report that a partnership with the equestrian team to form the NCAA’s first jousting squad would be a win for all involved. Let’s get on that.)


This image is from 2011--did you catch us?

Who doesn’t love a sport with violence, missing teeth, and Canadians? This winter, the men’s hockey team has been playing up and down the Eastern Seaboard, battling tough opponent after tough opponent. Despite their difficult schedule, they hold a 9-9-3 record. They even have beaten Yale twice, last season’s national champions. Not too shabby.

That’s all for this week’s Sixth Man, but stay tuned for coming installations about everything happening in the sports world at Brown.

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