Your Brunonian baby naming guide


This Valentine’s Day falls on the eve of a long weekend, prompting what could well be a long, lonely bus ride through Winter Storm Pax, perhaps en route to one’s anxiously awaiting paramour. Between the curse (blessing for some… eh? eh?) of the Pembroke seal and the rather phallic buildings scattered around campus, Brown is clearly a place for love birds.

My parents met at Brown, and I have many friends whose parents did, too. It’s not uncommon for two like-minded students to fall in love in the cozy SciLi basement, or perhaps even in the upscale, romantic, and sweet-smelling Ratty. It would only be fair for Brown-born couples to name their future children after the alma mater that first brought them together.

If you and your Brunonian lover find yourselves bored this Friday, here’s a great conversation starter. Nothing says “I love you” like “Let’s have babies together and then name them after Brown-related things!!!” In case you’re stumped, here are a few ideas to get your brainstorm going:

Indomitable, after one of the newest additions to the collection of classy things around campus. A kid named “Indomitable” is probably super tough and wears snapbacks and Vans. Plus, you can call him “Dom” for short.

Arch. Brown has a million arches, so why not honor them all? Cute nickname option: Archie.

Blue. Though it is not the first color with which one would associate a university named “Brown,” it seems to be pretty important around here. The Blue Room is the *heart* of campus (awww). Students survive off of Blue State coffee. All blue err’thang.

Ivy might work for a couple going for a name that is more organic. The vegetarian Ivy Room is loved by professors, students, and hippies alike.

Clearly, Jay Z and Beyoncé named their princess baby after Brown University. If you want to follow their lead, by all means, go for Blue Ivy. It’s not very original, but… I mean… Blue Ivy. The temptation is real.

Banner, which I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow would really love.

Bear works great for the outdoorsy types.

Cit, pronounced “Kit.” You know.

Thayer is v. trendy and my personal favorite.

Or, if you’re into the street names thing, Hope is classic as well.

Here are some others for your baby naming pleasure:
Geecie B.
Keen E.
Ruth (Ruuuuuth <3 <3 <3)
Essen C.
Espie G.
J Wow

Have fun discussing this and the other endless possibilities over your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Oh, and try not to overwhelm/scare away your date at the same time!

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