Wanna see if you can get an S with Distinction?

BlogDH Presents: A very Brown Valentine

Singles Appreciation Day got you down? If you’ve got that special someone and are trying to find the right words to describe your feelings (besides thirsty), BlogDH has got you covered. Check out these very special Brown valentines.

1. Let me describe my feelings with food

If you like it you should put a (onion) ring on it

2. The break-up make-up

Just don't start vomiting everywhere after breaking exit signs and/or hearts

3. The Bruno (Mars) declaration of love

Actually, I'd do anything for love, but I won't do that.

4. More declarations of love via food (we’re big on food-love at Blog)

Minty chocolate frozen delicious love

5. Open curriculum, open hearts

Wanna see if you can get an S with Distinction?

6. Who says you can’t have romance and study?

Nobody goes to the third floor carrels *hint* *hint*

7. And finally, if Shakespeare went to Brown

Actually, I'd rather have the chicken fingers.

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