Blog Odds: Online Housing Lottery

ResLife announced yesterday via email that starting this year, the housing lottery will be held online. Get ready for this year’s Housing Games: The Quarter Quell. We applaud ResLife’s move into the 21st century, but we’re also skeptical about their ability to use the internet. How will the new system work? Here are the Blog Odds:

The lottery site will crash – 1:1
After the BSA Spring Weekend tickets debacle, we don’t have much faith.

Brown-Secure will implode once and for all – 2:1

The housing lottery will be a giant game of FarmVille – 75:1
Alternatively, lottery numbers are awarded based on Neopoints.

Housing itself is moving online, and we will all live in cyberspace – 200:1

This is a scheme by last year’s lottery loser so no one shows up to Sayles and she gets first pick – 8:1

The CS concentrators will get all the good housing lottery numbers – 3:1
A.K.A. The Housing Hackathon.

This is a precursor to the next “Hunger Games” book, in which the games are held online and whomever clicks on the Cornucopia fastest wins – 150:1
Obviously, Katniss will win because her Mockingjay pin doubles as a WiFi hotspot.

Beyoncé releases another surprise album at the same time as the lottery and everyone is too conflicted to do anything – 40:1

The online lottery will go smoothly and everyone will live happily ever after – 999:1

As always, may the (Blog) odds be ever in your favor.


  1. I will like to win the lottery.

  2. Sounds really great..I want to win these.

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