Blind Bears: S and J’s Blind Date

blind bears

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about this little endeavor, did you?

Given the unexpected amount of time it takes to match up 150 of Brown’s finest single guys and gals, the inaugural Blind Bears date was only this past weekend – and it didn’t disappoint. J and S (who prefer to remain anonymous) seemed like a stellar match on paper. They’re both loyal, happy guys, and can be occasionally “sassy.”  S, who’s self-described as social but sometimes shy, was looking for someone “energetic, charismatic, and easy to talk to.” J fit the bill. The two had coffee together at Blue State last Sunday.

“I didn’t really have any expectations. I was just hoping to get to know somebody new…” -J

J: It’s been hard as a transfer. I knew if anything, [my date] would end up being a friendly face on campus.  I went in open-minded and excited.

S: With the way that [Blind Bears] was presented, I thought it would be one of the only times I could ever be set up with someone who I had no idea what they were like, or what they looked liked, before I met them for the first time.  Most of the time, when someone offers to set you up on a blind date, you know of the person or can at least Facebook-stalk them.

J: It’s a cool experience to be set up when you really don’t know someone because I feel like, especially in school, everyone is so interconnected… with Facebook, texting… it’s really easy to use up all of the small talk before you even meet someone face-to-face.  By the time you actually meet them, what are you going to talk about?  It’s always kinda a cool experience to actually have to do the “get to know you” face-to-face thing.

S: I love to hype things up, so of course I couldn’t stop talking about [the date] as soon as I applied. I was just hoping that it wouldn’t be unbearably awkward. I was afraid that I’d get someone that I’d already hooked up with, or someone I knew and didn’t want to be set up with.

“Oh my gosh, you could have heard my heart, it was beating so fast.” -S

S: I woke up on Sunday and really needed to work and just couldn’t get anything done. It has been a while since I’ve had butterflies that much. It’s also really exciting… I like that thrill. He was in line in front of me [at Blue State], so I had a feeling that it might be him. I thought he was cute and seemed friendly. He was very well-dressed.

 J: Everyone at Brown is so different and does their own things, so it was interesting to hear about what he does because it’s so not what I do. Everyone really does have such different interests and passions, and it’s easy to just hang out with those who have similar interests.

“It was really refreshing, and just a really easy conversation.” -J

S: I thought things went well.  I was a little bit awkward in the beginning, but he was very easy to talk to so that made it easy to keep the conversation going. We had a lot of common interests. We talked about everything from Scandal to the Olympics. I thought it went very smoothly.

J: There weren’t any awkward silences, and he seemed like a really relaxed, normal guy, which was nice. He very much wasn’t coming in trying to be impressive, and neither was I, so it didn’t feel like there was a lot of pressure. It seemed like we were both going [on the date] to see what was out there. So that was really nice, because a lot of times when you’re on a first date or blind date, and you don’t know the other person, there’s a pressure to make yourself appealing. But I found it appealing that he was just a chill, down-to-earth guy. That, in my experience, has been hard to find at Brown. And amongst gay people in general.

S: I spilled my drink… I never get coffee or tea, so I burned my tongue on the tea. And I went to take the top off and then I spilled it a little bit. But it also happened when someone he knew had just passed by, so I don’t think he saw… I don’t remember if he acknowledged it. That was probably the only awkward thing that happened.

“I’d really like a second date.” -J

J: We exchanged numbers and talked about wanting to see each other again, so I’m hopeful about it! Definitely someone that I would like to get to know more.

S: He asked for my number. So yeah, I would hang out with him again. [After this first experience], I think blind dating is super fun. I definitely think people should be willing to put themselves out there, especially if they’re going to be complaining about their love-lives.

And that’s a wrap on our first-ever Blind Bears date! Stay tuned as we play cupid for some other lucky individuals this semester…

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  1. Tony

    “It’s always a cool experience to actually have to do the ‘get to know you’ face-to-face.”

    LOVE this article. Awesome to see a gay blind date with no mention of the gay, only the reference “loyal, happy guys.” Mondry’s article sparked two thoughts: 1. the normalization of gay relationships within liberal college campuses and 2. how technology, specifically social media, is changing the way young adults meet, interact, and date. How real, and strange, that a face-to-face first meet has become atypical. Can’t wait for the next Blind Bear!!

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