BlogDH Presents: It Takes Two

Orlando and Mark

Brown has 6,182 undergrads, 1,974 grad students, and 463 med students. Someway, somehow, a lot of these people seem to look like each other. You might not know their names, and you might not be friends with them, but you know these pairs exist. And don’t you just want to tell them? We know we definitely do. After years in the making, Blog decided it was finally time to play a little game of doppelgangin’ matchmaking. We’re getting Brown’s doppelgangers together, face to face, for the first time. 

FYI: Merriam-Webster defines “doppelganger” as “someone who looks like someone else.” We’re talking Annie and Hallie status here.

it takes two

For our new segment, “It Takes Two” (an homage to our fav things, Mary Kate & Ashley and Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock), you can submit any doppelgangers you know by emailing their names to Then, Blog will get these twins together by informing them that they have a doppelganger while keeping the name of their other half undisclosed. We set them up to interview each other… because who wouldn’t love to interview him or her self?

For our first duo, we present Mark Valdez ’15 [full disclosure: Mark is a contributor for BlogDH] and Orlando Rodriguez ’17. (Check out their photo above.) Their signature traits include perfectly waved brown hair (to the left), thick rimmed glasses, and that big, goofy smile.

Check out Mark and Orlando’s questions for each other after the jump:

Mark: Where’d you get your glasses?
Orlando: Lenscrafters.

O: If you could be any Disney princess, who would you be?
M: The Little Mermaid?
O: [Looks stunned.] Wow. Because I would be the Little Mermaid too.
M: She has the best friends.
O: And she doesn’t have to wear clothes either.

M: What are your spring break plans?
O: I’m going to Florida… just laying in the sun.

O: What’s your favorite band?
M: Um… I guess, like, top 40 music.
O: Okay.
M: Yeah, I guess in general. Also Beyoncé. [BlogDH: I mean, duh Beyoncé.]

M: I know you watch Girls, so which Girls character would you wanna be?
O: Jessa.
BlogDH: You are Jessa or you want to be Jessa?
O: No, I’d want to be Jessa. I think I’m probably more like Hannah. Jessa’s just, like, a free spirit.
BlogDH: [To Mark.] Because this is my favorite question ever, what character would you be?
M: Well I took that [Buzzfeed] quiz and I got Shoshanna.
O: Are you up to date? Did you see the beach house episode?
M: Yeah, her freakout was great.

O: If you could be any character from a book, what would you be?
M: I guess Nick Carraway. Great Gatsby. I like him, he stays out of the drama.

M: Who do you want to see in the Spring Weekend lineup?
O: Frank Ocean. Or James Blake. Wait, are you in BCA?
M: Haha, no.

BlogDH: If you could change one thing about the way you look, what would it be?
M: I’d be taller. Like 3 more inches.
O: The color of my eyes.
BlogDH: And how do you guys feel about meeting your doppelganger?
O: Well, we’ve already met, so…  

Don’t forget to submit doppelgangers you know to Check back for another round of It Takes Two soon! 

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