BREAKING: Spring Weekend 2014 lineup announced

The word is in from down at The Whiskey Republic. Behold: your Spring Weekend 2014 lineup!


some cheer.

What Cheer? Brigade: Local favorite What Cheer? Brigade is back in the game after a great performance somewhere between the John Carter Brown library and Wilson Hall last Spring Weekend. Brown students rocked like mad to the 18-piece brass band’s unique sound. They’re so fierce, even Hurricane Irene (and the NYPD) couldn’t stop them. The lawn next to the John Carter Brown will be terrorized once again.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.48.02 PM

Chance the Rapper: Hailing from Chicago’s South Side, 20-year-old Chancellor Bennett (a.k.a. Chance the Rapper) is undoubtedly hip-hop’s 2013 breakout star. During a drug-related 10-day suspension from the prestigious Jones College Prep High School, Chance made his first mixtape, entitled — you guessed it — “10 Day” and released it in April of 2012. “10 Day” got Chance on the map, but his second mixtape, Acid Rap, released in April of 2013 was his declarative statement that he means business in the hip-hop world — and can potentially take the reins from the likes of Kanye West and Jay-Z. After all, he does now have a song with Justin Bieber. Garnering universal critical acclaim and landing as #12 on Pitchfork’s Best Albums of the Year list, Acid Rap blends soul, jazz, infectious hooks and some of the best verses in years. Drawing on his teenage year experiences, Chance’s lyrics are incisive, witty, truthful and relatable. With over 250,000 downloads, it is also certifiably platinum, despite no release on iTunes or Spotify.

Both “10 Day” and “Acid Rap” are available for free online. Check out some of Chance’s biggest songs, “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” “Juice,” and his collab with Childish Gambino, “Favorite Song.”


Diplo: Wesley Pentz a.k.a. Diplo has had his hands in more hits than you even know. He came up in the Philadelphia music scene while studying at Temple University before releasing his first album Florida in 2004. He’s a mainstay in Major Lazer, and he has collaborated with legends like Beyoncé and Tiesto. Expect him to bring super-danceable tracks with a variety of influences such as “Express Yourself,” “Que Que,” “Pon De Floor,” and even a remix of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” (they dated) to the Main Green. If our fellow students have anything to say about it, there will be twerking. Also, his label, Mad Decent, boasts an impressive stable of artists, including Zeds Dead, Rusko, Baauer, Riff Raff, and Flosstradamus.



Cloud Nothings: Cloud Nothings are an indie rock band from Cleveland that has released four albums and are also super Pitchfork-approved. Their most popular Spotify song is “Stay Useless.”


Dan Deacon: Dan Deacon is a Pitchfork-approved electronic musician with a cool beard. His most popular song (a.k.a. the one with the most YouTube views) is “The Crystal Cat.”


Andrew Bird: Andrew Bird first picked up the violin when he was four years old. Since then, he’s been busy: he graduated from Northwestern with a degree in violin performance in 1996, put out his first album, Music of Hair, the same year, and released a total of 11 albums (3 in the last two years). Last.Fm has labeled Bird’s music as a blend of “gypsy and traditional folk” while Variety has labeled him as an “unclassifiable singer-songwriter-composer.” So you can expect to be mellowed out during his sure-to-be impressive violin set. SW ‘14 marks his second big performance in the Ocean State in recent memory, as he played the Newport Folk Festival this past summer with Tift Merritt. Amidst his summer tour, Bird will be taking the stage at Bonnaroo this June. What can you expect from his set? Possibly some unfinished and unreleased songs, which he’s been known to perform in live concerts. We’re hoping he’ll bring along his sock monkey friend, profiled heavily on his Tumblr, so he and Furby can go on Spring Weekend adventures together.


Lauryn Hill: @MsLaurynHill is a big deal. She raps, she croons, and she’s got it all. She was formerly part of Fugees, the band that released “Killing Me Softly” in which Hill’s vocals kill the game. (Fun fact: she was in the Fugees with her ex-lover Wyclef Jean, who made a surprise appearance at SW ‘11.) In 1998, Lauryn Hill went solo and released The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which propelled her into eternal bad-assery: she became the first woman or hip-hop artist to win five Grammys. The catchy hit “Doo Wop (That Thing)” won R&B song that same year. Other notable tracks off her first solo album: “Ex-Factor”, “Everything Is Everything”, and “Lost Ones.” You also may recognize her from her days in Hollywood: Hill worked alongside the legendary Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act II (you also might remember Hill’s epic track “Joyful, Joyful” from the film) and had a stint on Days of Our Lives… but not before attending Columbia in for a year before achieving epic stardom. Also look out for Hill this June at Bonnaroo and Electric Forest Festival in Michigan.

Also, check out the Spotify playlist below for a brief primer on Andrew Bird, Diplo, and Lauryn Hill. Unfortunately Chance’s best stuff isn’t on the platform yet, but you’ve got “Acid Rap” here so it’s all good.

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  1. Tin Tin

    Fuck this. I’m not going

  2. Alex Baldock

    Damn, I was really hoping we’d get Sean Kingston

  3. Every Brown Student

    wow this is such a disappointment. i’m not even going to go. why does brown suck so much?

  4. BCA Sucks

    BCA comes up short for the fourth year in a row. Bummer lineup.

  5. Y'all haters

    Just to counterbalance all the HATERS – this is the first time I ever have ever been excited about the BCA lineup. AMAZING JOB! So happy they provided something diverse in taste and popularity and also just didn’t throw money on one big ticket name. A fucking plus!

  6. Why...

    Seriously BCA… 300K can’t do better…

  7. OMG


  8. Not a Hipster

    Who are these people?

  9. anon

    Uh y’all had Kendrick Lamar, Dirty P’s and Deerhunter last year, and then this year get Cloud Nothings, Dan Deacon and Chance…and you’re complaining. Wtf is wrong with yr school?

  10. wat...

    we just got totally shafted by bca… plz…

  11. Cmon BCA

    Brown Spring Weekend 2010
    Fri: Major Lazer, MGMT
    Sat: Wale, The Black Keys, Snoop Dogg
    oh how the mighty have fallen…

  12. Supa Hot Fiya

    You called Lauryn Hill? SIKE! THAT’S THE WRONG NUMBAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. huh?

    blown away that people are disappointed with the lineup for not having “big names.” if you haven’t heard of at least a few of these artists, you’ve definitely been living under a rock. but i guess anything that isn’t beyonce is for hipsters only. whatever, i’m excited. good job bca.

    only thing that upsets me- why was it necessary to put that Dan Deacon and Cloud Nothings are “pitchfork approved?” do students here really give that much of a shit about what the people at that dumb site have to say? ugh

  14. Bump In the Road

    I’m super stoked for this Lineup… Lauryn Hill, Chance the Rapper, Andrew Bird, and Diplo all wonderful!!!!

    But there’s a bump in the road… Why in the world would we lower the bar by hiring Dan Deacon??? His most popular song on youtube is awful and it doesn’t get much better…. Why waste the money when we could have just had three solid performers.

    Seriously… Tell him he no longer need him. That’s going to be such an awkward point in the day… Especially right before Andrew Bird…

  15. Alum

    Lauryn Hill is the TRUTH and the LIGHT. She alone is worth the experience. But yall got Diplo too? Clearly I need to make my way to providence.

  16. Keep increasing my tuition !!

    Omgg, I love it when Brown increases my Tuition to invite such professionals to come!

  17. Lulalala

    Who ARE these peeps. I want EMINEM MAAAAAAAAHN.

  18. Chicken Tostada

    Diplo! Fuck everybody else. Also, y’all realize that the original paper planes was produced by diplo, right? That’s the reason it’s the only good MIA song

  19. Brown Student

    not to hate too hard…but come on guys who the fuck are these people?

    …couldn’t get one headliner

  20. who are you people

    Hey, so, it’s ok to not know/like everyone playing, but if you don’t like the line-up because you don’t know who *any* of these people are, please stop blaming BCA for the fact that you have literally been living under a rock for the last 10 years.

  21. JUST Jizzed

    Do you realize Lauryn legit disappeared off the face of the musical earth for ages? She was not heard from for ages, BUT now she is coming out and making moves and at BROWN of all places? PAUSE that is fucking awesome!!!!!
    Also Dan Deacon, Chance the Rapper, Andrew Bird, AND Diplo?
    Chill. I don’t think i can deal.
    Stellar line up BCA!

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