Why you should host a prefrosh this ADOCH


1. The following Mad-lib.

You (loved/hated/were indifferent to) your ADOCH host and you want to (pay it forward/give this pre-frosh a better impression than you got/probably take a nap later today?).

2. They are impressionable.

Sure, as a host you have the responsibility to house your pre-frosh and probably keep it him/her alive, but there is nothing in the rules about maybe making a few things up along the way. Feel free to show them the classic Sayles Hall, home to the infamous witch trial of Anne Hutchinson. Or Blue State coffee, home to the long-lived tradition of pre-frosh buying upperclassmen iced coffees in return for a college career of straight A’s. You get the idea.

3. Not hosting is only going to be worse.

Like it or not, come April 22, campus is going to covered in pre-frosh. They may be small, but good luck ignoring the hundreds of them gathered on the main green fighting for just one vanilla cone. Hosting is a great way to participate marginally in the events of the week in order to keep yourself from silently hating them from afar. Plus, there will be countless a cappella performances, comedy shows, etc. that as a host you can certainly attend with your pre-frosh. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

4. Their excitement is contagious.

Sorry freshmen, but after 2/3/4 years, being on campus starts to lose its excitement. You start to recognize too many faces, become entirely disillusioned with schoolwork, and barely notice what the buildings look like anymore. But there was a time in all of our lives when we couldn’t imagine getting into Brown, let alone actually being here. Seeing campus through the eyes of your younger self your pre-frosh is an excellent reminder of just how beautiful and exciting Brown can be. Who knows, maybe they’ll even inspire you to leave your room on a week night.

5. You know you’re better than anyone else.

Like it or not, you’re one of the coolest people on this campus. Think about how much better a pre-frosh’s experience will be staying with you as opposed to the weird guy at the end of your freshman unit. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the poor high school senior who just wants to stay with someone normal. The ADOCH experience can already be awkward enough, and having a sane, fun host can make all the difference. Consider it your charitable act of the season.

Info sessions for volunteering for ADOCH are tomorrow and Thursday at 8 p.m. in Wilson 102. Check this Facebook event for more information.

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