Introducing BlogDailyHerald’s Spring Weekend 2014 tank

Now that the business of announcing the lineup is done, we can look forward to the fun that Spring Weekend’s warm weather (we hope) will bring! With that in mind, we are proud to introduce our 2014 Spring Weekend tank.

You’ll find the party on the front (with Bruno Cyrus) and business on the back (#hbdBrown). In the “250+,” we decided to feature LITERALLY every single band who has played a Brown spring weekend concert EVER. The big names are big (duh), and this year’s lineup makes up the bold border around the plus sign. Take a Chance and Diplo into your wallet to snag this tank, we promise it’s not just for the Bird[s]!

We’re launching a Teespring campaign to sell the tanks, which will cost $15 each, just like last year. The campaign will expire on March 23. We chose a higher quality heavyweight tank material so that this tank can last you forever. We’re timing the campaign so they should arrive with a few days to spare before Chance and Diplo take the stage. You can also check out this Facebook event for more information.

Happy birthday Bruno, 250 years and counting (that’s 707 in bear years)!

Love, BlogDH

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