Blind Bears: J and M’s Blind Date

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M and J both gave BlogDH simple, straight-to-the-point bios as part of their Blind Bears submissions. From the information available, it was clear that the two shared a love of, and desire to, travel. With little to go on besides this one commonality and a very strong gut reaction on our part, we sent the duo on a coffee date one Friday afternoon…

“I love going on dates. I’m pretty good at it. I have a fun time.” -J

J: I am semi-newly single, and it’s really fun to be single here, but all my friends at every other school across the country go on dates… This seemed like a good opportunity to do it.

M: My friend motivated me to do this…slash did it for me. I basically just did it to do something outside of my comfort zone.

“I was expecting something painfully awkward.” -M

M: I didn’t have many expectations other than that. I had absolutely no idea who I was going to be set up with, because I didn’t even know how many people signed up to do [Blind Bears].

J: My expectations were pretty low. I guess I do pretty well already with people I’m attracted to and want to spend time with. Being set up with someone else who I don’t get to see beforehand… it’s obviously a shot in the dark. But [Blind Bears] did a good job!

M: He was very nice and could hold a conversation, so immediately I could tell it wasn’t going to be as awkward as I expected.

J: She was super shy at first, but also definitely opened up as the hour drew on. She obviously wasn’t into it [at first], but she ended up really liking it. It was fun.

“She has a good sense of humor, which is really important to me. And a good laugh, which is huge.” -J

M: We talked about traveling, because he was abroad last fall and I want to go abroad this summer. He’s very well-travelled. We talked about sports, because he knows a lot of my [swimming & diving] teammates. We talked about how I have no idea what I want to study.

J: We talked about our Brown experience so far. I just went abroad so she wanted to hear about that. She’s on the swim team so that’s a pretty good conversation topic. We have mutual friends, so we talked about that. I was born in Wisconsin, she’s from Michigan, so we talked about the midwest for a while. We went on a bunch of weird, funny tangents.

“I would consider a second date…”-M

J: At the end, she admitted she didn’t want to do a blind date at all, but she’s really excited she did it with me, which was really sweet. I definitely have no expectations about seeing her again – not because she wasn’t great, but I’m a pretty busy guy. But we’ve been texting a fair amount. So maybe we’ll hang out again.

M: He asked for my number, so he has my number. I don’t think either of us really have any definite expectations but he was nice. I would be happy to hang out again.

J: This was my first blind date. I’ve set my friends up on blind dates before, as a joke. It’s a shot in the dark, but if there is any kind of connection on a blind date, it’s completely amplified because it’s fueled by chance, versus some sort of pre-set expectation [for why two people should be together].

M: I think I would be careful about who I would let set me up next time – although I know [Blind Bears] made sure that they were matching people well. It was not as terrifying as I expected. I guess I’d rather do something like this now [when I’m young] and when I have no expectations.

And there ya have it. Stay tuned for the next installment of Blind Bears! And remember: you gotta risk it to get the biscuit… whatever that means.


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