Where to cry at Brown

Because your tears probably aren't this beautiful.

Because your tears probably aren’t this beautiful.

There are those days when you get out of bed with 5 minutes to spare for your first class and make a mad scramble to get there, only to realize you forgot to bring your homework. Those days when you get back a midterm on which you thought you did well and you would have too… if the numbers had been reversed. Those days, when you feel as if you’re drowning in a bottom-less ocean full of work and all your friends are out having fun without you (they probably are, even now). In case you are extremely thick-skulled and have not yet gotten the picture, there are those day when you need to burst out crying.

Recently, someone started a Tumblr that reviews places to cry in New York City. We understand how crying can be difficult in a city with over 8 million people in it, but it’s hard to have emotional meltdowns here at Brown too. A lot of times you’re in a double, and you don’t want to start a fuss with your roommate, but you’re really in the mood to weep. Or, on the contrary, you live in a single and are dying for the attention of crying in front of people. Tears are catharsis and a means of getting bodily toxins out. For those of you who need a good cry and don’t know where to go, here is a selection of places for, you know, one of those days:

The Scili basement at 4 a.m. If you’re still working on your paper at this hour, the struggle has found you. Make sure to move to the 15 decibel area so that you don’t disturb anyone with your muffled sobs. The upper levels of the Scili work too. More privacy, but also more gravity to make your tears come out faster. That’s how science works, right?

One of the tiny rooms in the lower floors of Faunce. If you have a roommate and really want to be alone, lock yourself in one of these closet spaces and let it all out.

CareerLAB. Because you do not have your shit together, and we are never, ever, ever getting jobs.

The Philosophy Department (Corliss House). When your existential crisis really hits, not even Plato or Socrates can save you… But just in case they can, might as well hang out in good company.



Screaming very quietly in the Leung Gallery. One of the most inhumane places to have a meltdown, this is a surefire way to terrify your study neighbors. It may even have some effect on the battle between silence or no silence! If the faces in the Leung family portrait start mocking you, you have been there for too long and it’s time to get some fresh air.

The dark room in List. If you really want to channel your inner angst, this is the place to be. This is the antithesis to crying in front of a mirror. It’s an ideal spot for practicing the ugly cries for your future Oscar acceptance speech. Just don’t disturb Leo DiCaprio, he’s been ugly crying in there since last Sunday.

Sobbing into a Ratty dessert. If you can’t choose between your hunger or your despair, take both! The tears will add a nice salty flavor to your ice cream.

In the middle of the Circle Dance Statue. Because they’re part of a team and you’re so alone! WHY ARE THEY HAVING FUN AND DANCING WHILE YOU’RE SAD? This is an extremely dramatic place to cry, and that’s why we love it. Alternately, you can cover yourself in tin foil and try to become part of their clan. The tear drops will make a lovely pitter patter on your clothes, like a rain shower. Here’s an example from the BlogDH costume contest:

These guys are crying behind their bear faces.

These guys are crying behind their bear faces.

The refrigerator in Darwin’s. Cold and saturated with alcohol, just like your heart. 21+ only.

Baja’s. The music will drown out your sorrow filled internal monologue.

The children’s sofa above the Bookstore’s Blue State. Memories of youth make most people cry. It makes sense; life was so much easier when it was socially acceptable to sit in furniture like this. You didn’t have to worry about things like midterms and love, people took care of you, and they said you were cute! Maybe, if you pop a squat and click your ruby slippers together three times, you can go back to that era.

The Gender Neutral bathroom on the second floor of Faunce. Finally, a person that gets you. Actually, a bathroom that gets you. You’ll still take it. Hey, a person doesn’t have drains on the floor that destroy the evidence of your water works, nor a flusher that deafens the sound of your wails. Maybe you’ll run into Brown’s version of Moaning Myrtle.

In Gail’s arms. Deep down in our hearts, this is where we all want to be, crying or not.

Just hold me.  Tell me everything is going to be alright.  And swipe me into the Ratty please.

Just hold me. Tell me everything is going to be alright. And swipe me into the Ratty please.

The counter looking out on the atrium at the V-Dub. No one on line for Chicken Finger Friday can see you cry here (we hope).

And when in doubt . . .

Anywhere and everywhere. It’s college, even the Indomitable statue by the OMAC cries every once in a while. Actually, that statue must get pretty lonely, we bet it cries all of the time.

And for real, if you’re really feeling down, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at Psych Services.  You can go to their office at JWW 516, or you can call them at 401-863-3476. Psychological health is an essential part of your well-being, and talking to a professional for free is a great resource provided by Brown.

We wish you smooth sailing (through your occasional ocean of tears).

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  1. Becca

    Don’t forget one of the tiny practice rooms in Steinert!

  2. Sean

    On the upper levels of the SciLi the force of gravity would theoretically be slightly *lower.* But the difference would be microscopic. #WWBND?

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