It Takes Two: Cheno Pinter ’14 and Molly Sandstrom ’17


Cheno Pinter ’14 (left) and Molly Sandstrom ’17 (right) are known for their blonde, blonde hair, their fair skin, their wide eyes, and their mouths, which are often pretty red. Cheno and Molly are both loud, creative, and funny. Therefore, they made the doppelgangin’ experience around 10 times cooler than it usually is.

Molly: Hi!
Cheno: Hi!
M: It’s nice to officially meet!
C: Yeah, sorry, I was with a dean and she was running late…
M: How unprofessional of her.
C: No, she’s like my best friend, she’s really chill.


M: Are you in a pirate a cappella group? Because every time I go to parties people ask if I’m in a pirate a cappella group and they also ask me if I’m working on a theater production or something like that.
C: It’s funny, actually… I found out that my doppelgänger was you because I was with someone who knows you — who the fuck was it — I was at a party when I got the email about this and I read it to him and I was like… ugh who was it… do you know Keston?
M: Yeah!
C: Well he ruined the whole surprise.

C: If you had to bathe in a liquid other than water, what would it be and why?
M: I was at a thing yesterday where they asked me if I could replace a body fluid with a liquid, what would it be and why, so this is kinda like that. I think maybe champagne. It sounds kinda luxurious, like you’ve really made it.
C: The only thing I have against that is bubbles. Bubbles in weird places.
M: What’s your answer to that question? Clearly you’ve thought about it.
C: My answer is usually green tea. Or peppermint tea. I went through a phase of peppermint shampoo and it reminds me of that.

M: I was trying to anticipate what color lipstick you would wear today. If you had red lipstick on it would really perfect our picture.
C: (Shuffling through her bag) Do I ever?! Or do I…? Hmmm… I do.

M: Do you have a signature dance move?
C: I’m a really, really bad dancer.
M: Me too.
C: I’m convinced that I’m so tall that my feet are so far from my head that I can’t see what I’m doing, but that’s just a bad excuse.


C: Is your favorite movie The Day After Tomorrow?
M: It’s not…
C: Bummer.
M: Call me cliché but it might be Titanic. Leo just gets me.
C: The Titanic sank on my birthday. April 15th is the day the Titanic sank, and April 15th is my birthday.
M: Nothing exciting has happened on my birthday yet.
C: You should Google it. Like “on this day in history…”

M: In honor of Spring Weekend approaching, what is the greatest concert experience you’ve ever had?
C: So I have a party planning company, it’s called Oberge, and we throw parties 3 times a year, and it’s always the Friday after the Spring Weekend shows. Last year was really crazy at Lupo’s. We managed to sell 2,000 tickets to Brown students… so we had James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem as the headliner… who else… it’s unimportant. It was really fun. I really like throwing parties because it means I don’t have to talk to anyone. (Cheno applies red lipstick while looking at Photobooth on her laptop) I don’t like the tint. OK. You haven’t had a Spring Weekend yet. It’s going to be the time of your life.

C: If you had to give yourself advice in 4 years, what would you tell me?
M: You?
C: Yes.
M: Be careful. That’s, like, a nice overall piece of advice.

C: Mermaids. Yes or no.
M: Yes, what about you?
C: Yes.
M: That was a leading question. Ask another one.

C: What was the most adventurous adventure you’ve ever gone on?
M: So I’m not very spontaneous, but before 2nd semester started a friend rented a Zipcar and we just decided to go to Boston for dinner. Instead of making a plan we stopped strangers on the street and asked them for advice. Like, “If you were going to dinner right now, where would you go?” “If you could get dessert right now, what would you get?” It was very cool to leave that all in the hands of strangers.

BlogDH: What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
M: (To Cheno) You wanna go first?
C: Ahhh…
M: My rocking biceps.
C: I mean hair is the obvious answer. But blonde people are always gonna say that. So I’m gonna say I have really, really long legs and that’s been great. It’s been a good time. Lots of adventures.

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