BlogDH’s ultimate Senior Spring bucket list

On a cold March evening, a group of ’14-ers convened with a daunting task: draft the ultimate Senior Spring bucket list. They thought long and hard as to what to include, what to cross out, and what would truly capture the essence of the Brown experience. After much deliberation, discussion, and Antonio’s pizza, this is what they determined to be the 100 crucial experiences a second semester senior should have.
This is by no means a definitive list—and we don’t want it to be. It’s merely a starting point for all your Senior Spring adventures. Feel free to follow this list, to edit and condense it, or to add your own items to it. The key to the ultimate Senior Spring: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So make your experience your own, and have the best time doing it.
  1. Don’t get caught, EMS’d, or kicked out of Brown.
  2. Go to WhisCo.
  3. Go to the Ladd Observatory on a Tuesday.
  4. Climb on the roof of a Brown University building.
  5. Eat at every Brown eatery in one day.
  6. Go to Paxson’s office hours.
  7. Find someone from your freshman unit that you have never met/don’t know well, and grab coffee with them.
  8. Steal something from the Blue Room.
  9. Get an entire dining set from the Ratty.
  10. Say “byeeee” to Gail.
  11. Vandalize Keeney.
  12. GCB Challenge: stay from open to closing.
  13. Go to a naked party/do something naked.
  14. SciLi challenge: starting from 14th floor, make your way down the SciLi taking a shot at every floor.
  15. Rock challenge: hook up in the stacks.
  16. Go to a class you’re not in, wasted.
  17. Go on a tour and act like you don’t go here.
  18. Get drunk with a professor.
  19. Hook up in the balcony of Salomon while a class is happening below.
  20. Submit a Brown Bares.
  21. Get a Brown Admirers written about you.
  22. Find and enter a tunnel on campus.
  23. Take a shower in J. Walter Wilson, or any other administrative building with shower facilities.
  24. Pull an all-nighter and go to Loui’s at 5 a.m.
  25. Do the Catch-22: all the sex challenges at Brown, from the 13th floor of the SciLi to the Rock stacks.
  26. Take a selfie with Gail.
  27. Have the long-haired guy in the SciLi show you his drawings.
  28. Hug a staff member.
  29. Recreate a photo from freshman year.
  30. Go back to your freshman dorm room and meet the people that live there now.
  31. Go to one sporting event. Any sporting event.
  32. Embrace your inner biddie: go to a frat basement party.
  33. Go to Waterfire.
  34. Hook up with a RISD student.
  35. Try that food truck you’ve always wanted to try. Spend less than $60 while doing so.
  36. Go to all of your classes and do all of your readings for a week.
  37. Have a Ferris Buller’s Day Off in the middle of the week.
  38. Wake and bake for your seminar.
  39. Go to the Avon or the Cable Car.
  40. Run through the Thayer Street tunnel at night.
  41. Go to a party that is so not your scene, where you don’t know anyone.
  42. Go to an event you found out about on Morning Mail.
  43. Befriend a freshman in a line—the Ratty line, the Blue Room line, the J. Walter Wilson mail line… There are many options
  44. Ask someone out on a date.
  45. Go to a new town in Rhode Island.
  46. Go to Legs and Eggs.
  47. Go to PC Whiskey Night.
  48. Buy one of the yellow jacket security officers coffee.
  49. Step on the Pembroke seal (and don’t get pregnant).
  50. Submit a response paper in which you replace all of the pronouns with ‘phe.’bucketlist
  51. Try slacklining on the Main Green.
  52. Attend a student-run workshop (dance, MPC, etc.)
  53. Steal a piece of furniture from a Brown building.
  54. Go to a concert at Lupo’s.
  55. Go to one comedy, one music, one dance, and one theater production on campus.
  56. Convince a pre-frosh to go to Brown at ADOCH.
  57. Dance with an alum at Campus Dance.
  58. Remember Campus Dance.
  59. Get a picture with Paxson at one of the Brown 250th celebration events.
  60. Get invited to a meal at the Faculty Club.
  61. Do a bar crawl of College Hill.
  62. Go to brunch on Wickenden.
  63. Go to the Midnight Organ concert.
  64. Get a donut from a naked person. (Extra points if it’s not during the Naked Donut Run.)
  65. Vagabond the one class everyone told you to take in the spring.
  66. Swap homework with someone studying something completely different.
  67. Try to get on stage during Spring Weekend.
  68. Do both 4/20’s.
  69. Accept a SafeWalk.
  70. Find the misplaced/new bricks on University Hall. (Legend has it that while George Washington used University Hall as an army hospital, a cannon went off in the basement and partially destroyed the walls. Because they had to replace the damaged bricks with new ones, they’re all slightly different colors.)
  71. Go to Chicken Finger Friday.
  72. Ride Marcus Aurelius.
  73. Watch the sunset at Prospect Park.
  74. Do the slip and slide on Wriston.
  75. Go to the RISD Museum.
  76. Daydrink on the Main Green on the first sunny day.
  77. Win a game of beer pong.
  78. Get a piercing. Dye your hair. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but have been too afraid to.
  79. Get tested.
  80. Pay for a condom from an RPL door.
  81. Use a dental dam.
  82. Paint something in List stairwell. Or, find the secret paint room in Faunce.
  83. Use all of your meal credits.
  84. Rent a book from the ILL Loan.
  85. Get a Scorpion Bowl at Shark.
  86. Buy something from Spectrum India.
  87. Leave your smartphone at home for a day.
  88. Dance to “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” with Dave Binder.
  89. Go to the RISD beach in Barrington, RI.
  90. Go to Two-for-One-Tuesdays at Geoff’s.
  91. Ratty Challenge: stay from open to closing, through all meals.
  92. Swim at Nelson.
  93. Visit every dorm building.
  94. Go a whole day without paying for food.
  95. Call all of the buildings by their proper names for one day.
  96. Try the Rhode Island trifecta: coffee milk, ‘Gansett, Del’s.
  97. Go to the SPEC Carnival.
  98. Do something altruistic in the Providence community.
  99. Get your resume reviewed by the CareerLAB.
  100. Walk through the Van Wickle Gates.

A special thanks to all of the seniors that contributed and made this list possible. You know who you are.


  1. Margaret

    Please don’t steal anything from the Blue Room (#8). It’s so horrible for those who work there to have to approach you guys and be like, “Hey! Please don’t be an asshole. Pay for that item.” Have some respect for other students and for everyone who has to pay inflated prices on items because of the amount of stuff stolen from Brown eateries. But otherwise, great list.

  2. Numbers 8 to 11 are legitimately horrible. Vandalizing and stealing from Brown and basically mocking Gail’s voice. Who thought that this was a good idea?

  3. fun times

    8, 9, and 71 – such classics! So many times!

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