A “Chocolove” appreciation post


There is a solace I find in chocolate that not even the arms of a man like Ryan Reynolds/Gosling/Seacrest could provide me. Whether it’s “extra dark” or “extra white,” or just rejects oppressive labels altogether, I’m up for chocolate all day every day. The beautiful thing is that chocolate is readily available and replenishable, which are things you can’t really say about modern relationships. And if you’re an ardent admirer of Chocolove like me, you’ll feel like your love is actually requited.

brownie-husbandOk, no, so I’m not being delusional and imagining that chocolate is an animated being [yet].  I’m talking about Chocolove, the chocolate that loves you back. What makes Chocolove unique is that each bar contains a cute love poem inside its packaging. I mean come on, how lovely is thisEven the wrapper itself is crafted in the style of a stamped love letter from back in the day (AKA when a text with a half-assed heart emoji did not count as an unequivocal expression of true love). If you visit the Campus Market in Faunce, you’ll quickly notice a stand with a diverse medley of Chocolove flavors. Frankly, good luck not wanting to spend the rest of your flex points on these wonderful chocolate bars. You’ll feel like you’re Charlie in Willy Wonka’s majestic factory, and it will undoubtedly provide a mini escape from your midterm blues.

My personal favorite is Extra Strong 77% Dark Chocolate, because I’m hardcore like that. This dark chocolate is unbelievably rich and delectable, and will send your taste buds on a Spring Weekend-tinged reverie. For those of you with more eccentric tastes, there are flavors like Chilies and Cherries in Dark Chocolate, which I would recommend if you’re already a Sriracha fan, and Peaches and Pecans in Milk Chocolate, which I would recommend if you’re from Tennessee.

Word of caution: perhaps avoid eating these in the Leung Gallery. While the packaging isn’t particularly noisy, you might get noisy and risk banishment by staunch Leung-ites. Chocolove will simply make your life better. Not only will you be able to indulge in delicious, organic fair-trade chocolate (Flatbread menu descriptions ain’t got nothing on these), you’ll also be able to revel in the beauty of the enclosed romantic poems. Next Friday night, ditch the party scene! Go buy yourself a nice box bottle of wine, head over to the Campus Market, and stock up on these bad boys. Who needs to be fit for Spring Weekend anyway? Oh, wait


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