Spring Weekend Tanks: A round-up for 2014

Last week, we gave you BCA’s line-up for Spring Weekend. This week, we bring you tanks on tanks on tanks. We understand how overwhelming it can be to prowl around on your Facebook newsfeed and various class pages in search of the Spring Weekend apparel that best expresses you, so we have consolidated that process and created a buyer’s guide.

Normally, we would publish this after spring break. However, with SW being only ten days after we resume school, most of the deadlines for ordering tanks will be at the end of this weekend! Get them while they are hot (and still available/without rush charges).

*IMPORTANT NOTE* – Be sure to check out the process for buying the tank that you want. In the case of Teespring campaigns, there will be a printing threshold. If not enough people buy a tank, it won’t be printed and everyone gets his/her money back. A couple of these tanks work through other online platforms, are only sold through spreadsheets, or are still using google docs to figure out whether they should order the apparel or not. Start being a responsible consumer early this year and stay updated on the status of your purchases. We have tried to link to as many FB events and teespring pages as possible, but, just like Pokémon, it’s hard to catch them all.

The artist-relevant: For everyone who wants to represent their favorite Spring Weekend artists, or, for everyone who has really bad short term memory and keeps on forgetting the line up, you can now wear them on your upper body. You have a choice between wearing an artist’s face, or the slightly more obscure/hip option of referencing their lyrics.

You’ve got your Lauryn Hill face, and arrow:

Chance, juice carton and plain text:

Diplo’s face, and a very intimidating Diplo-themed bear face:

We are still waiting on a tank featuring Andrew Bird.

The feminists: It’s really exciting this year to have a whole category of Spring Weekend tanks dedicated to feminism. You can go with the subtle fem-powered, the cheeky “D“, or the extremely catchy, Spice Girls-themed consent tank. Ask me what I want what I really really want. . .

The Facebook pages: Arguably, this is the year that Brown blew up social media. Currently, we have a conflict between the grass-roots “write in your own Brown Confession” tank, and the official, page-affiliated Brown Confessions tank top. We really can’t help you choose with this one, because we don’t want to get involved in any tank warfare.

Also, be sure to check out newcomer Shoes of Brown, who is changing the game with their long sleeves. It’s understandable, because with Spring Weekend coming early this year (thanks to a groundhog version of CPax), it might be chilly on College Hill. Curious that they didn’t opt to make Spring Weekend themed shoes, however. Just saying.

The academic: In most people’s opinions, during the weekend of April 11th, science can wait. If you are worried about having time to study chemistry, this tank is your calling:

The very schwasted crests: There isn’t much we can say about this genre of tanks, except that we had no idea how much the Brown crest is inspiring the student population. The Bookstore should be taking notes for next year’s line of sweatshirts. Here we have a heather pink tank (also available in blue), a red “spectrum celebrating” tank, and a shit-faced return of the Brown state.

The school spirit: A letter B with a dual purpose, our official mascot, and our unofficial mascot/deity Gail. All hail.

The most creative/confused about numbers and words: Wow…  Mind blown. Turn Brown for our 54th birthday?

The very idealistic: Hurray for more long sleeves! It’s doubtful that all of the artists on this shirt will be surprise guests, but we can dream, right? Bey for Brown.

The tank top that is also a ticket: The first 150 people to buy this tank top with automatically qualify for the lowest priced, pre-sale tickets for Ultra’s Spring Weekend event, sponsored by Small Victories. Unfortunately, the tank top is just the gateway to buying the cheapest ticket, not the ticket itself.

The fratty: ‘Murica and Coppertone. Very Ratty-appropriate on April 12th.

Brown student groups: IMP, MedLife, and CCB are all selling their own tanks. Way to go Medlife for endorsing the S/NC life with neon hats!

The aggressively well-designed: Once again, Danny Sobor ’15 (MilkSupplyCo) and Get Lifted Tonight have teamed up to provide us with tanks that look good enough to transcend Spring Weekend. You could wear these bad boys anywhere. Check out their Spring Weekend Shop here.


The must-have: Do it! Buy our tanks and support BlogDH!


Happy Shopping Period!

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