The Digital Campfire: Sleep right with f.lux

The Digital Campfire is a collection of stories about technology. The protagonists are (fictional) Brown students. The problems they face, however, are very real— a stolen phone, a hacked account, an accidentally deleted folder. How do our intrepid heroes deal with these digital hiccups? Read the column to find out. 

Rahul stopped and stared. “Bill, you look like a zombie. And a filthy one at that! Even a horror movie director wouldn’t want to hire you.”

“I didn’t sleep at all last night,” Bill said, rubbing his eyes.

“Oh that explains it — an all-nighter. Did you have a philosophy paper to write?”

“No; it wasn’t work. I finished everything by 11. I just couldn’t go to sleep. I stayed awake the whole night and finally gave up and got out of bed to shower at 5 a.m.” Rahul shuddered; the thought of waking up at 5 made him feel weak.

“Hmm… that’s strange. Wait. Were you using your laptop or phone before you went to bed?”

“Well, actually I was browsing through Facebook and watching the highlights from last night’s basketball game..” But Rahul didn’t let him finish his sentence:

“I know your problem and just how to solve it.”

Scientists believe that bright laptop and mobile lighting are disrupting our sleep patterns. One way to combat this is to change the laptop screen lighting and color. But doing that manually would be a pain. That’s why f.lux was invented.”

“F.lux?” said Bill.

“Yup, f.lux. It’s automatically adjusts your screen lighting and color to adapt to the time of the day. Just set it up by entering your location and then let it handle everything for you. Trust me; you’ll sleep much better with f.lux installed. Just give it a try!”

“OK, will do,” said Bill.

“The only problem is that the software isn’t Open Source and is proprietary, and they have an annoying EULA…” Rahul abruptly stopped. Bill had fallen asleep.


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