Blind Bears: O and N’s Blind Date

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O’s and N’s bios had fun written all over them. These two extroverts were looking for a good sense of humor, positive vibes, and someone who enjoys dancing. If this gal and guy were emojified, they would definitely be the red-dress-clad flamenco dancer and the party popper emoji respectively. While we would have loved to send them to salsa lessons or a rave, we settled for coffee at Blue State.

“I figured I have nothing to lose.” -O

O: “My friend was extremely enthusiastic about signing up for Blind Bears, and passed that enthusiasm onto me… I’ve never been on a blind date before, and since I’m being matched with someone at Brown, they must be relatively similarly minded to me. So, I told myself to just do it!”

N: “I wanted to see how well it worked! And for the experience, since I’ve never gone on a blind date before. And I love meeting people, so it just sounded fun.”

O: “Honestly, I went in not expecting much. I saw two outcomes out of the situation — either I really hit it off with some guy on a blind date and it could lead to something, or I gain a new friend at Brown.”

N: “I wasn’t sure what to expect — I was torn between believing you guys would do dreadfully and it would be really awkward, and believing you guys were gonna kill it and it would be an awesome fit.”

“We talked like old friends from the get-go.” -N

O: “I could tell he was really nervous… a) because his forehead had a bead of sweat and b) because he was anxiously looking around Blue State trying to find me. Thankfully he took the [Blind Bears] name tag off immediately after sitting down, and we had an awesome conversation!”

N: “[My first impression was] definitely very positive. She seemed very talkative and nice and put me completely at ease immediately.”

“I had an awesome conversation and made a new friend.” -O

O: “We talked about plans for spring break. He [was going to] Ultra in Florida, which I’m insanely jealous about. We talked about the recent addition of certain childhood TV shows onto Netflix, funny Reddit threads and YouTube videos, traveling, our families, our lives at Brown… We both realized that we would rather spend money on experiences rather than anything material, and I thought that was cool.”

N: “We had a very similar, chill outlook on things, and seemed very similar. We talked about a lot of things, and it was all very funny. We talked about music, and childhood TV shows, and about people we knew in common. The date ended because she had to go to practice, which was too bad, because it was a lot of fun! It didn’t seem like we were going to date again — though that would’ve been more than fine with me — but I would definitely want to be friends with her.”

“We seemed to really click as friends and we would definitely have a lot of fun just hanging out.” -N

O: “I would love to be friends with my date. He’s got great taste in music, and if I ever need help on a CS project, I’ll know exactly who to confer with! We ended the date with a hug, and he friend requested me shortly after. Turns out, we’ve got a lot of mutual friends and I’m surprised I hadn’t met or heard of him before… Blind dating is so not scary! I’ve never been on a blind date before, and would totally do it again thanks to Blind Bears.”

N: “I would definitely do it again. It was super fun, and you get to meet really cool people you never would have met otherwise.”

Stay tuned for the next installment of Blind Bears, as we continue to live out our dreams as Patti Stanger.

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