Game of Concentrations: You either declare, or you die

It’s been a long year since Game of Thrones Season 3 premiered, and, if you’re like me, you’re probably dying for the show’s return. Despite last season being a bit… red, it left fans everywhere begging for more. Well get excited, because GoT comes back this Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO (or HBO GO, ain’t nobody got time for actual TV). In honor of the show’s return — and today’s concentration declaration deadline for sophomores — we’ve decided to determine how the houses of Westeros correlate to Brown concentrations.

So recap yourself on all the people who’ve died all the events of last season, figure out your concentration, and find which house speaks to you.

House Lannister – Economics

This one is obvious. Nobody knows the market quite like the Lannisters; they’re always swimming in cash. The Lannisters would be that one kid in your economics section answering all the questions while everyone else copies it down. After all, a Lannister always pays his debts.


House Targaryen – Political Science 

The Targaryens are all about politics. They’re probably UCS president and the head of every major group on campus. If someone steals their spot, they come for them with a nasty sense of revenge. A lesser known fact is that they’re double concentrating with Chemistry, but that’s mainly just so they can set stuff on fire.


House Tully – Marine Biology

The Tullys don’t make too much noise. All they want to do is hang with their friends and sit by the river. Marine biologists stick together!


House Tyrell – Theater Arts

One word: FIERCE. Everyone loves them cause they put on a good show. You can’t help but feeling they have a few secrets, though.


 House Stark – Philosophy

Those Starks are just so deep, man. They really value honor and justice, and they’re totally not into all that mainstream King’s Landing crap.



House Greyjoy – Engineering

It’s like they have everything going for them, but for some reason, these ironborn are just kinda miserable.


The Wildlings – Independent Concentration

The Wildlings don’t need your rules! Screw the system!


House Baratheon – Partying?

Baratheons are those kids that everyone sees at parties, but are never in class. They’ll fly through Brown living on Natty and ratty, then to everyone’s surprise get some amazing, high-paying job when they graduate. Some people are just lucky, I guess. Except for that one oddball brother who’s doing Religious Studies. Whatever; I bet he’s banging the TA.


House Frey – Psychology

We don’t need to talk about it.


Get ready, my friends. Winter is coming.


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