It Takes Two: James Blum ’14 and Andy Willcock ’14


Andy Willcock (left) and James Blum (right) are known for being… well…pretty much, almost identical. Truth be told, I had to ask them who was who multiple times throughout the interview. They had heard of each other before, and were aware that a doppelganger eerily existed somewhere around College Hill. Finally, they were able to break the ice and get to know each other face to face (rather, face to the same face), courtesy of BlogDH.

James: When did you know… like, when did you realize you had a doppelganger on campus?
Andy: It was probably spring of last year when Molly and I had a class together and she said, “Have you met James?” And she said, “Well, you look just like him. Like, we call you Athletic James.” And we ended up meeting at the GCB last semester and we definitely do look alike.
J: Sophomore year we both lived in Thete and you lived across from my two friends and we called you Thete James.
A: That’s funny… yeah I lived in Thete but I wasn’t actually in the frat.


A: So what’s your concentration?
J: Chemistry.
A: That’s funny, I’m Bio.

J: Are you living off campus this year?
A: I’m on Pembroke, how about you?
J: I live down on Williams.

J: So you play basketball?
A: Yeah.
J: Any other sports?
A: I played football my freshman year…

A: Where are you from originally?
J: Potomac, Maryland. Near DC.
A: I’m from Washington, like Seattle-area.
J: Oh, so we’re both from Washington’s!

A: If you had a choice of one on-campus meal, like use a meal credit, what would you choose?
J: Buffalo chicken sandwich from the Blue Room. On focaccia, delicious.

J: Dream vacation: beach or mountains?
A: Beach.
J: Why?
A: I like my vacation to be doing nothing. Just, like, chillin’ out. I feel like in the mountains I’d hike and ski.
J: Yeah, I’d say mountains on that one.

J: Spring break plans?
A: I’m going to Daytona.
J: Oh yeah, that’s cool.

A: How are you gonna spend the first million you make? (Laughs) Or, if you had a million, what would you spend it on?
J: I’d travel around the world. What about you?
A: I’d probably start my own restaurant.
J: Aww, that’s cool. I’d probably start a bakery. Like a little coffee shop with muffins and shit.

J: If you could live in any city in the world, which city would it be?
A: Uhh, probably Barcelona.
BlogDH: Have you ever been?
A: I went a few summers ago on vacation.

A: What professor, or what class has been your favorite?
J: I took Academic Essay with Professor Jonathan Readey. He was the boss. He was just super enthusiastic and really kept class running. Stayed in touch with him too.

BlogDH: Ratty or V-Dub?
A: V-Dub.
J: Ratty. Always have a soft spot in my heart for the Ratty. Plus, there’s no Gail at the V-Dub.


BlogDH: What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
J: I’m, like looking at Andy trying to figure out, like, what do look like (both laugh).
A: I like being tall.
J: I’m not as tall as you. (Pause) Uhhh I don’t know, my hair is easy. I don’t have to worry about it. It’s easy to do.

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Photos by Danielle Perelman ’17. 

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