M and J’s blind date


M, an international relations concentrator, was on the hunt for a true intellectual. J, a self-described “born entrepreneur,” is an international traveler. We figured they’d enjoy each other’s company and have plenty to talk about (we were right), so we set them up on a Tealuxe date…

“Brown can feel pretty small.” -J

M: A few of my friends signed up together. Is the phrase “do something every day that scares you” too cliché? Because that’s why I felt like doing this. That’s what got me out of bed that morning.

J: I wanted to meet someone new on campus. Meeting someone outside of normal friend groups can be difficult. I also like pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. The whole blind date thing was a first for me, and definitely pushed my boundaries.

“It was truly a blind date, someone I hadn’t had in any of my classes.” -M

J: I didn’t have any expectations. I was excited to meet someone new, and was planning on going with the flow.

M: I didn’t expect much. I was really hoping he wouldn’t be someone I knew before, and I was really surprised when I had actually never see [him] in my life. It was great.

J: She was super outgoing. We had both lost our Blind Bears name tags, so finding each other was interesting.

M: He’s nice-looking and also a nice person, and I was still so happy that I had never seen him before. I thought he must be an upperclassman; he just had that look.

“We had pretty different backgrounds and interests.” -J

J: We talked about travel for a while. She’s planning on studying abroad in Europe, where I lived for a few years. We also spoke about getting accepted to Brown and our plans post-Brown.

M: We talked a bit about where we’re from and about all of his travels, which I’m incredibly jealous of. We also talked a bit about what we’re studying. We both felt like there was a lot of pressure at Brown to graduate and work an 80-hour week on Wall Street, and we both felt it wasn’t for us. We talked about what it would be like to live in a tiny apartment for the first couple of years out of school, to focus on what makes you happy.

“Just to sit down for an hour and hear about someone’s life was a fun thing to do on a Friday.” -M

J: We traded numbers, but I don’t think we’ll do a second date. It was great meeting her, though, and I hope to see her around campus.

M: We exchanged numbers. I’m not sure if we’ll see each other again, but it was really nice to meet someone new at Brown. There isn’t normally a context for that. That was now the fourth 1st date I’ve been on this semester. I find them really scary but really fun.

J: It was a great experience. My parents met on a blind date, so I’m all for it!

M: In this context, blind dating is great, because I know that everyone [who signed up] goes to Brown and by that token is probably smart and driven. But I’d be scared to try it in the real world, through the same sort of service. I’d be open to it if my friends set me up.

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