PSA: Quitting iPhone apps actually kills battery life

The enemy.

The enemy.

Sorry to shatter the illusion. My life, too, now feels like a lie. But, according to a Lifehacker article published yesterday, swiping away Tinder (or any app) when you’re not using it actually doesn’t save battery. In fact, it can hurt your battery life.

As Lifehacker explains, by closing apps, you are taking the app out of the phone’s RAM. For all the non-CS concentrators (myself included), that means that when you open the same app again, your phone is actually using more battery than if you were to just leave it open the entire time. Plus, iOS closes apps automatically when it needs more memory.

But, as Blog gnome overlord tech aficionado Joe Stein ’16 pointed out, if you are opening enough apps that your phone has to place open apps into “cold storage,” quitting apps ahead of time allows new apps to open slightly faster. So, your life is only a half lie (if you use more apps than just Tinder).

This is a great lesson not only in phone maintenance but in “don’t listen to that shmuck who thinks he knows a lot about tech but is actually talking out of his ass.”

For more tips on how to enhance your iPhone’s battery life, check out “The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain.”


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