Spring Weekend for dummies: A Q&A with our upperclassmen


Incoming first years are instructed to be excited for two things: Halloween and Spring Weekend. They are also told that even though it’s called “Spring Weekend,” it’s really “Spring Week,” and a man named Binder will jump around with an acoustic guitar and change our lives forever.

Wait, what?

Spring Week is in full swing. It’s hard to imagine the Main Green, which has recently resembled the kingdom of Arendelle, flooded with students in frat star tanks and this season’s Coachella-est denim. Believe it or not, it’s about to begin, and Blog wants to help you prepare.

We put out a survey where first years (and other noobs) could ask any and all questions they had about Spring Week(end) anonymously, and then had our most weathered finest upperclassmen on staff answer them. Before we begin the Q&A, just remember—take it all in, because this may well be the best weekend of your entire life. No pressure, though.

Q: I am going to have to miss Spring Weekend. How do I cope with this loss?

A: By going to Spring Weekend.

Q: I notice that a lot of the guys think it a necessity to find someone to have sex with, as a way to reinforce their heterosexuality to their peers, and also to remind themselves that they are sexually potent creatures capable of getting anyone they want. Last year I was groped by many guys during the crowded performance by Kendrick, had to endure constant sexual harassment in the form of comments while waiting in line for Fratty at the Ratty, and then thrown to the ground by yet another guy who I had stood up to after I told him he could not take a girl home because she was too drunk to give consent. I know there are DPS officers, but their job isn’t to watch out for possible rape situations, or sexual harassment, unless it gets violent. So, is there any resource for people to use that deal specifically with these issues? Maybe a possible-rape hotline? Some anonymous Spring Weekend watch-dog that anyone can turn to if they are having trouble? Most people would say I’m “cock blocking” but I wear that as a badge of honor if it means saving people from entering situations they otherwise would not agree to.

A: You are definitely not cock blocking. Consent is cool, and very important. Ensure that you are conscious of your surroundings and remain with people whom you can trust. Look out for your friends, too. Spring Weekend isn’t like your usual Keeney pregame—you aren’t going to know everyone around you. And there will be a lot of people surrounding you. Talk to your close friends before you guys go out on the Green. Don’t go to a party by yourself, leave if you feel unsafe, and have each other’s backs. This is a two-way street, though. If you’re going to hook up with someone, you should be obtaining their enthusiastic consent first. Here are some numbers you should have on your phone:

Sexual Assault Response Line – 401.863.6000
Emergency DPS – 401.863.4111
Brown EMS – 401.863.4111
Dean-on-Call/Office of Student Life – 401.863.8100
Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Hotline – 1.800.494.8100
Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) – 1.800.656.HOPE
To report student-to-student sexual harassment, contact Dean Allen Ward at the Office of Student Life – 401.863.3145.

Click here for all of the phone numbers you will ever need in situations like these.

(UPDATE: Blog regrets that a prior version of this answer caused any concern or implication of victimhood in regards to sexual harassment on campus. It is a very serious matter, and all we intend to do is provide resources to best prevent it from occurring.)

Q: Can we expect professors to lighten up a little headed into Spring Weekend? Do they know what Spring Weekend is?!

A: Some professors have sympathy and will tell you to be safe and enjoy the weekend; others may not take pity on their students. Regardless, be sure to get ahead on your work during the early part of the week so that you’re not in the SciLi on Sunday night—ridiculously hungover, no less—scrambling to get all your work done. Needless to say, professors are wont to comment that the Monday that follows Spring Weekend feels like a “campus-wide hangover.”

Q: When do the Spring Weekend festivities begin? What are the pre-weekend (pre-Friday) events?

A: Wednesday kicks off the Spring Week festivities. Wednesday Night Whisko is always a Spring Week favorite. Then, on Thursday, SPEC (Special Events Committee) hosts its annual carnival on the Main Green on Thursday evening—there are tons of performances by student dance groups, activities (read: obstacle courses), and food. And those fancy water coolers with the cut fruit in them!

Q: What time does each concert start?

A: On Friday, doors open at 6:30 p.m., and What Cheer? will start around the same time. Chance the Rapper comes on around 7:30p.m., and you definitely don’t want to be late for that. On Saturday, the same thing goes for Cloud Nothings, which will start at 3:30 p.m.

Q: How strict is bag checking?

A: Bag-checking is strict enough that you won’t be able to sneak in any alcohol, food, or drugs. Or hula hoops.

Q: What is the proper technique for grinding?

A: If you are in the sea of people at the concert, you will probably be grinding with the people around you unintentionally because you’ll be packed in tight. If you are intentionally grinding, listen to beat and let your body do its thing. Also, make sure your grinding partner is down to dance with you. It helps to channel Beyoncé.

Q: What time realistically should you get to each concert? Are there events during the day?

A: Not much starts before the concerts, but it’s worth getting to the shows early if you want to see all of the acts. What Cheer? is super fun (they are a band that runs around and plays and dances in the crowd) and always plays first, so it’s worth getting there early to see them.

Q: Does the party start during the day, or do people usually wait until night?

A: There will be people raging as soon as their classes get out on Friday, and through Sunday evening. You do you, but remember that pacing yourself is key if you’re planning on attending all of the Spring Weekend events. While you may want to go hard all through the night on Saturday, keep in mind that Sunday’s Binder concert is not to be missed.

Remember: have fun, stay safe, and go to Binder. Happy Spring Week!

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  1. Alexa Van Hattum

    “The most effective way for anyone to prevent this type of situation from occurring is to ensure that you don’t drink to the point that you can’t make decisions.”

    I’m incredibly disappointed in Blog for posting such a victim-blaming response to an important question. The *most effective* way to prevent rape is NOT telling people “don’t get raped.” Seriously, this response promotes a really dangerous mentality that does nothing to address the potential offenders in the situation.

  2. Mr. Trying to be Reasonable

    downvote for alexa.

    I’m really tired of the anti-rape ciclejerk that’s been going on. Obviously it’s a terrible thing, but telling people: “don’t rape people” is provably much less effective than staying in control of your mind by not drinking until you can’t think straight.

    Well maybe I’m disappointed in you, Alexa. Do you really think that telling someone ‘don’t rape someone’ is going to stop them?

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