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BlogDailyHerald has grown immensely since it was founded in 2009. We’ve seen writers graduate, editorial boards change, and even a redesign. We pride ourselves on being a resource to students, and we aspire to be a trusted voice in what matters to the student body. We are also cognizant of the spaces we and other student publications create, and the opportunities for different voices and conversations that these allow for. We might worry a bit too much about the chatter on food truck block, but we think much more about our readership and how students are engaging with the content we produce.

A significant gap in our content is that which pertains to the experience of being a student of color at Brown. More importantly, as an on-campus publication, we feel that there’s not an apolitical space to talk about these issues. While we at BlogDailyHerald have students of color on staff that have shared and continue to share their own narratives, we will never be able to fully encompass the experience of what it means to be a student of color, nor is that our goal. What we want to create is a resource for both students whose lived experiences might resonate with those published on our site, and for those that might not be exposed to these occurrences. Community activism, interracial relationships, hair… These are the kind of things that matter to Brown students, and these are the things we want to be publishing

We are not here to summarize, tokenize, condense, or make a listicle out of the student of color experience at Brown. We are here to share voices. And we hope that the voices we are showcasing will offer new considerations, new perspectives, new tools for our readers. We have assembled a brilliant cast of columnists with the help of the MPC Friends program and other individual recommendations. These students have agreed to share their stories in the form of a column, which will be published bimonthly. They are personal, but they speak to the larger narrative of the Brown experience.

This column is a product of months of conversation and thought, but it’s just the beginning. We wish to see this column, as well as the rest of our content on our site, evolve. We hope you enjoy reading. If you’d like to participate, or would just like to get in touch, please reach out to us at blog@blogdailyherald.com. We would love nothing more than to keep this conversation moving.

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