It Takes Two: Nicole Grabel ’14 and Jamie Rosen ’17


Jamie Rosen (left) and Nicole Grabel (right) showed up to our interview wearing the same outfit–tall brown boots, blue jeans, white shirts, tan sweaters, hair down. COMPLETE. COINCIDENCE. They’re known for their long, curly blonde hair, being petite (or fun-sized), and their smize (smiling with their eyes).

Nicole: We know each other from camp. We went to the same camp. Also, her brother is my age and he went to the boys camp of my camp, so…
Jamie: And when I would come visit my brother at Brown, we would run into each other sometimes… And Nicole, don’t you have an older brother that goes to Brown, too?
N: Yeah, he goes to the med school at Brown.

(Some silence. Mumbling. Not awkward, but definitely silence.)

J: Are we, like, really bad at asking questions compared to other people?
BlogDH: Ehh, I mean you’re kinda stumped here.
J: It’s hard!

(Jamie gets an idea.)

J: Where did you live your freshman year?
N: I lived in Pembroke.
J: Me too! What part?
N: New Pembroke 3. It was a shithole.


BlogDH: (To Nicole) Since you’re a senior, what’s one piece of advice you would give to Jamie as a freshman?
N: Hmm… if I could give you one piece of advice… try not to stress about anything really because everything works out in the end. Like internships, jobs, classes… everything works out. It’s really not worth all the thought and stress people put into it, so you should really just enjoy it. It’s the best four years of your life.
J: What’s been your favorite class at Brown?
N: My favorite class ever at Brown… hmm… maybe… Persuasive Communication is really fun. It’s usually with a really famous professor.
BlogDH: What department is that in?

(Cheno Pinter ’14, one-half of a previous duo featured on It Takes Two, saunters by. She quickly realizes that I am conducting a doppelgänger interview and inserts herself into the conversation.)

BlogDH: Cheno, we’re having some trouble about questions, and you had some really good ones for your interview. Can you help us out?
Cheno: Ok, where would you take someone on a second date?
N: Where would you take someone on a second date, Jamie?
J: Something fun and interactive, maybe rollerblading.

N: If you could only shop for one article of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
J: That’s a hard question, but I’d probably say dresses because you can cover you’re whole body with just one article.
N: But you can wear other clothes, you just can’t buy new ones.
J: I think I’d still stick with dresses. How about you?
N: I would do shirts, I think, because everything else doesn’t change that much but shirts can change the whole outfit.

J: If you could morph into any animal, what you morph into?
N: To be honest, I really don’t like animals, but if I had to be an animal I think I would be… a pig. You just get to be gross and do whatever you want all the time, and people still think you’re kinda cute and fun. What would you be?
J: I might be… being a lion seems like it would be pretty awesome.
N: Totally. King of the jungle.
J: But a nice lion. Kind of.
N: Feared and loved.

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Photos by Danielle Perelman ’17.

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