A Cool Thing you Shouldn’t Miss: The Battle of Kadesh

A long, long time ago, I can still remember how King Ramses II tried to kicked some Hittite ass. In the event you forgot, YOU CAN RECREATE IT! That’s right. Get yo’ battle on: Egyptian style. Hosted by Professor Laurel Bestock’s Ancient Egyptian Warfare Class, the recreation of the Battle of Kadesh will take place on Thursday, but that’s mostly relevant if you only want to watch.

But why sit on your ass like some sub-standard chariot rider when you can participate? Report to the (poorly named) Quiet Green at noon TOMORROW at high noon to participate. To sign up, go here and for more info, go here.

A few words of warning: Don’t be so eager to seize Kadesh! It’s obviously not a guaranteed victory if it means separating your Amun division from the rest of your forces. Stupid strategy. What are you? A rookie?

Spring Weekend, circa 1274 BCE!

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