Blind Bears: S and E’s Blind Date


S was looking for someone well-dressed, kind, and engaging. E fit the bill on all fronts. Confident that these two would have lots to talk about and dress to impress, we sent them on a tea date early one Sunday morning…

“I was interested to see how BlogDH was going to set me up with someone, out of curiosity.” -S

S: I actually didn’t sign myself up, my roommate signed me up because I signed her up. So it was just kind of a funny thing that we decided to do. I saw the description she wrote about me, and I thought it was pretty funny 

E: A friend of mine was filling [the form] out for herself and decided that I should do it too. So she filled out the profile, and I approved it. 

“It seemed kind of like the same as going in for, but not quite as bad as, a job interview, which I’m very used to. Not that I was trying to sell my chemistry skills or anything.”-E

S: I knew who the person was by name, but there are like 5-10 “E”’s on Facebook so I wasn’t entirely sure who the person was. I kind of just had zero expectations. I woke up; it was a Sunday morning, I was tired from the previous night, so I kind of just went.

E: Worst comes to worst I come out with a new friend. I’d never done something like this before which I feel is pretty common among the Brown community. So in that way I had no idea [what to expect], but I have no issue meeting new people. So it was kind of fun.

“I’ve been at Brown for 3 years. I should’ve at least seen everyone… but that’s not the case.”-S 

S: He was cute. Cuter than I expected. I think that would be a more appropriate description.. I’ve never seen him before at all or that I remember. 

E: My first impressions of her were [that she was] confident, put together, and worldly. 

S: We started talking about mutual friends, and why we signed up for the blind date thing. We discovered that we didn’t have many mutual friends. We also talked about what led us to [this date]. Something he said that was kind of interesting was that we’d matched on Tinder before, but I had no idea that we did. He was like, “this isn’t really a blind date because of Tinder.” We talked about mutual interests and things that we like to do. Potential life goals and after Brown. 

E: [We talked about] a bunch of the standard stuff: “What are you studying?” “How did you spend your break?” How we were both going to sell our souls into either finance or industry and what the morals of that were. And Tinder.

“[Overall] it was pretty relaxed and decent.” –E

S: It went well. I thought it went well. It went for ½ an hour longer than we expected. 

E: Solid, I think. No complaints. It was a little awkward because my dad just decided he was going to come down and visit me. So he calls me in the middle like, “I’m coming to Providence” and I was like, “Oh, awkward timing”. So I walked her down the street and ran into my dad and his girlfriend coming the other way. So I had to be like, “Bye, nice to meet you.” 

“It’s a very unique interaction.” -E

S: During the middle of the date, his father called and wanted to take him out to lunch. We walked and he met his dad, so it was kind of an awkward bye nice to meet you. 

E: [We left things] abruptly, given that I wasn’t expecting to run into my dad walking up the street. We don’t really have overlapping friend groups so it sort of seemed like a “see you around” kind of thing… It’s interesting to be put in the situation with someone you’ve never met, and a setting where all you’re supposed to do is meet them. In a party or in a class, you’re both getting drunk together or you’re working on a project together.

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