Brown’s Newest Varsity Team: Women’s Rugby


Many American football fans consider their game the toughest in the world. After all, which sport has one of the highest levels of concussions, some of the most grueling conditions, and 300-pound men who can run a 40-yard dash in under 5 seconds? To many, this type of athleticism is the pinnacle of sports entertainment. However, there are also people who scoff at the “roughest” sport in the world: rugby fans. For rugby enthusiasts, the traditional helmet/pad combination of football is a sign of weakness. In a way, it’s hard to disagree. For example, some players even wear tape around their ears so they don’t get ripped off in a scrum. If that isn’t badass, then I don’t know what is.

This week, Brown’s toughest group of women received some good news: the Brown Women’s Rugby team was just elevated to varsity status. This move now means that Brown has 21 Women’s Varsity sports. It is a big step for the University, which has now become the country’s leader in women’s athletics. The club, which was founded in 1977, has become one of the top-ranked teams in Division I. They have won the Ivy League championship six years in a row, and in 2012 they reached the semifinals for the national championship. With a new coach, the Brown Women’s Rugby team looks poised to succeed even more in the world of collegiate rugby.

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    how about mentioning the mens team are in the national round of 16 as well

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