Campus visitors: an etiquette guide


The prospies are coming, the prospies are coming! No, it isn’t necessary to get your bayonets ready. Because this week is spring break for many schools and next week is ADOCH (!!!), you will be seeing many, many visitors around campus. These youngsters are fairly harmless, though their perfectly tailored suits might frighten you, and their not-yet-jaded spirits may be too much for your barren prefinals souls to handle. And remember, they’re bringing lots of company.  In the upcoming days, Brown will be flooded with prospective students, and the parents and abuelitos and second cousins of said students. Look for them bumping into people at the bookstore, salivating over Blue Room muffins (alongside us), and taking selfies with Indomitable #GOBRUNO.

It’s important that Brown students are especially well behaved and accommodating when we have visitors. I mean, we’re not crazy party animals on the regular, but you surely don’t want to reenact your Spring Weekend behavior during these day (or just make sure to make that morning walk of shame extra discreet). Here are some etiquette rules to follow as we share our campus with future Brownies, and their economy-stimulating relatives, bless their hearts:

1. If a group of visitors clearly looks lost or is having a hard time making sense of the Faunce arch map, offer to help! Ignore the dad who says they don’t need directions and listen to the sensible mom.

2. Don’t be obnoxious and scoff when someone asks you where the Sharpe Refectory is. Kindly tell them it’s affectionately dubbed the Ratty, but there are no rats…we hope.

3. Politely walk around a large group as you walk through the main green or down Thayer. And don’t be bitchy about the situation.

4. Do not hurry the prefrosh in the Ratty lines as they gawk at the waffle fries for several minutes. We’ve all been there.

5. Give an observing student a brief overview of the class content. If you have the reading for that day, maybe even offer to share it with him! Do not give him dirty looks if he outshines you in class participation.

6. Remember that this isn’t a good time to publicly break up with your significant other. No Blue Room drama please, this is a sacred place.

7. Do not hit on the prefrosh. We repeat, do not hit on the prefrosh.

8. Do not hit on their parents. There’s a place online for your needs, child.

9. Do not give alcohol to the prefrosh. Similarly, do not accept alcohol from the prefrosh.

10. And most importantly, be happy and extra smiley without necessarily looking like a character from “It’s a Small World”! We want the visitors to know that we genuinely love being here, and that we’re not just high all of the time.

Image via Jason Hu.

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