Sextion: Beyond the Fleshlight


You’re at a party and a girl is joking about her dildo. She seems funny and even sexually daring for bringing it up. At the same party, a guy is joking about his masturbation sleeve. He seems creepy and a little perverted. Is there a good reason why this double standard should be able to persist? I can’t see one, yet it does.

As a woman, I’m fascinated by male masturbation. I have so much fun with erections that I know I’d be delighted to have my own personal boner to play with from time to time. I also believe that men should have as much freedom to experiment with masturbation toys as women do. So, I think it’s time to highlight a few male masturbation toys that should be on every guy’s radar.

What should you look for in a masturbation toy? Most importantly, it should be designed so that the product delivers a unique kind of pleasure. In other words, you paid money for it, so it should feel different than if you were to just use your own hand. Also, it should be easy to clean. And, it should be made of quality, non-porous plastic.

For beginners: The Verspanken.  It’s small, easy to clean, and very straightforward to use. It’s also customizable with different “wieners.”

The traditional sleeve: Doc Johnson’s The Tube. Sleeves are a go-to for male masturbation. This one is cheap, but good quality. Just don’t forget to spend plenty of time cleaning it when you’re done.

For those looking for something different: The Monkey Spanker. It’s the male version of a personal vibrator. Plus, this toy is a lot smaller that traditional sleeves, and easier to clean. Also, it’s a great option if your priority is having your stimulation feel like it is coming from something other than your hand.

Anything made by Tenga: If you haven’t heard of Tenga, just be glad you have now. Tenga’s products are aesthetically pleasing as sex toys get. They’re also some of the best-designed ones. Most well known for their eggs, they also have more traditional sleeves, and the more revolutionary flips. Also, their product demo videos are fascinating, oddly un-sexual (for a sex toy demo video), and well produced.

There’s no reason to leave the toys to the girls. Enjoy a little help when you’re having fun, and then be sure to tell me all about it.


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