8 reasons Brown Folk Fest is the best

Brown University Folk Festival (a.k.a Folk Fest for the hip folks), Spring Weekend‘s obscure sister—and what  took over Ruth Simmons Quad on Saturday, is one of the most awesome things at Brown. Here’s why if you missed it this year, you should definitely go next year.

1. It’s freeNothing is free. Ever. Enjoy it.



2. Absolutely no one has heard of the bands…so you know for sure that kid who always pretends to know hipster music is lyingAnd it’s a cool way to listen to music you normally wouldn’t have!

3. That being said, the musicians are all amazingly talented. Including some of Brown’s own (including my personal favorite from the day, the amazingly talented Lizzie Davis.).

4. It’s what we all imagine Brown in the 1960s was like. I have no basis for this statement. But look at how much fun these people are having!



5. There are food vendors all over Ruth Simmons Quad. Ben and Jerry’s is on campus. I repeat. Ben and Jerry’s is on campus.

6. Ruth Simmon’s Quad has far more sunlight than the Main Green. This may seem like a small point but it’s not. The sun loves Ruth Simmon’s Quad. You love the sun.

7. There’s no security. Do with that information what you may.

8. It’s all day and all night. So you can come and go and come and go and they’ll still be rockin’.


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