Happy 25th birthday to Game Boy and its creepy advertisements


Yesterday, one of the most influential pieces of technology in the gaming world celebrated an important birthday— the Nintendo Game Boy turned 25 years old. What once started as a black and white brick that could only play Tetris has developed into an interactive gaming experience. Because of the Game Boy’s legacy, Nintendo went on to create the Nintendo DS, a touchscreen version of the Gameboy that can access the internet, play music, and even take pictures. Thanks to Nintendo, thousands of kids can now search for porn play against each other around the world from the palms of their hands.

The Nintendo Gameboy has become a mainstay in modern gaming, and has a rich history. Throughout the last 25 years, the different versions of the Gameboy have sold over 200 million units. What a lot of people may not know is that during these 25 years, there have been over 700 games created for the original Game Boy, 450 for the Game Boy Color, and an astonishing 1000+ for the Game Boy Advance.

Another thing that Nintendo came up with are a ton of weird, obscure, and even creepy advertisements for the Game Boy. These are our two favorites:



If you have ever played a handheld game, you can probably thank Nintendo. The Game Boy has been instrumental in creating an entirely new industry. Here’s to another 25 years.

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