10 most Brown-relevant Mean Girls quotes

“She doesn’t even go here!”

Ten years ago, Tina Fey wrote a little movie that quickly made its way into the millennial vernacular. If you spend enough time in the Blue Room, you’re bound to overhear someone trying to make fetch happen, or saying crack again. (“Crack.”) You don’t need to “have ESPN or something” to get it: Mean Girls is arguably the most quotable movie of our generation. For journalism, I sat down and rewatched the classic in preparation for BlogDH and BUFF’s anniversary screening and picked out the 10 most relevant quotes to Brown. Believe me, it was tough. I mean, “how do I begin to explain Regina George…”

Microsoft Word to you, when you try to write about heteronormativity:

Taking your first sip of everclear at a freshman party:

Reading the comments section of a Herald Opinions column:

When an a cappella group comes into your seminar to serenade someone else, and you feel all:

When you put your stuff down at a table at a Ratty, and some rando comes and sits at the other end despite there being many empty tables around you:

To the Devil’s advocate in every section:

When talking about privilege:

When you’re out but all the parties are being broken up, and you’re trying to decide where to go:

The week after Spring Weekend, when no one in class did the reading and you’re all just sitting silently:

Katherine Bergeron, to BlogDH:

During a consulting interview, when you’re asked to solve a math problem you’re nowhere near prepared for:

And an extra one: when Mean Girls turns 10

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