A Comprehensive Guide to Reusable Drinking Vessels


As Earth Week continues, environmental awareness is undoubtedly the order of the day (or week). Reusable bottles are a useful way to remain hydrated while freeing yourself from the overpriced, wasteful tyranny of the bottled water industry. The problem that remains is that those who don’t own them or frequently forget them also require a reliable vessel in which to carry around the day’s water supplies. What’s a forgetful, yet still environmentally conscious Brunonian to do?

With the proper selection, a small investment of points can yield a durable container whose beverage-carrying abilities are both green and beneficial to your hydration habits. To this end, we present the Comprehensive Guide to Reusable Drinking Vessels found in points-based eateries – the Blue Room, the Ivy Room, Andrews Commons, and Jo’s – across campus. From the smooth, reliable contours of a Nantucket Nectars bottle to the ill-advised petri dish that is a reused Odwalla container, this is your (meticulously researched) guide to choosing a beverage whose bottle will provide the ideal amount of reusable convenience.

For Volume: Vitamin Water

Weighing in at a whopping 20 fluid oz, Vitamin Water is the bottle to wash out and refill if you’re looking to carry around the maximum volume of water at any given time. The downside? The aftertaste of the Vitamin Water tends to linger, meaning that you’ll be drinking acai berry-flavored water for quite a while. It may never fully disappear…

For Ease of Use: Nantucket Nectars

The rounded glass contours of a Nantucket Nectars bottle are ideally suited to your casual, day-to-day activities. At 16 fluid oz, the bottles hold a decent amount of liquid, too. But these benefits are arguably offset by the fragile nature of the bottle; one drop from drinking height, and you’ll be creating a dangerous mess. Children could step in that glass!

For Durability: Powerade

It’s a sports drink; of course it’s going to be durable. Also, you will look incredibly athletic and hardworking if you carry this bottle around, because obviously only athletes drink Powerade.  It literally has “power” in its name. Sounds… powerful. And durable!

And those to be avoided? Odwalla Containers, Jo’s Salad Bowls, or the cup that you got soup in at the Blue Room.

Stay hydrated, Brunonia!

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