Pre-frosh give their first impressions of Brown


We sell our site REALLY well.

At the ADOCH activities fair, BlogDH’s editors set up shop to peddle our wares (read: we gave out stickers and showed off the 15 Hottest Freshmen post) to pre-frosh. We also asked them to give us a couple words detailing their first impressions of Brown. Here’s some of what they came up with:

  • Cold, great atmosphere, friendly
  • Brown (literally), furiously intellectual
  • friendly, open, kind, energetic, smart
  • fresh
  • creative
  • f*** yeah
  • Great people
  • Home
  • YAS
  • Awesome, hot people

Sounds like a pretty cool school! Hope to see all you pre-frosh on campus next semester.

Image via Danielle Perelman ’17

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